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SHAD 11 Study near completion



If the results of this SHAD II study indicate a difference in outcome between the SHAD participants and the comparison population, or if the study finds new information that would warrant new research avenues, MFUA will be prepared to conduct additional research as appropriate.

This study is sponsored by the U.S. Veterans Administration. Effective 6/10/2015, the study will conclude January 15, 2016.

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13 hours ago, Capt.Contaminate said:

Hello All,, Fort Greely part of the main part of Project 112 has plenty of sites ..... Yes there is nothing wrong with Fort Greely and Project 112/Shad. 


And the Reactor .....probably the biggest coverup of all time. Everyone from about 64-75 and longer is radiated.


ALL  THESE RANGES FOLKS..... It is not Fort Greely......IT IS TUMORVILLE.......Fort Tumor.. NEVER GIVE UP> BLESSINGS< C.C.

Hey Cap,
I had a buddy of mine who went to Fort Greely and spent about two years there from 1993-1994. I have not talked with him lately so I don't know if he has any of these problems. Do you think that being stationed there during those years might be a potential problem for him?

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Hello Vync , ,,,,Yes I do because the Nuclear Radiation is still a problem. Also the Agent Orange was still there until 1984 when 50-70 barrels were found there. It is such a cesspool and is part of the Superfund. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent to clean up this post. He needs to watch carefully for tumors and lung , neurological bowel and heart issues Blessings, NEVER GIVE UP. C.C.

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