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How to get from SMC L to R2 in six months

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As promised, I attach a big winner. I've never found so many CUEs under one rock. Kev's DRO reviewer called him up to tell him he knew more about SMC than she did. My name never came up fortunately.

Redacted DRO for R2 for Kevin.pdf

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4 hours ago, Jdfute said:

What is pyramiding? Is there a person who understands the SMC and how to file so that the VA representatives know how to properly assign the correct SMC level? It seems arbitrary, almost like the VA rep was just cut and pasting from the manual because they didn’t really understand MS and the long list of conditions that follow. 

check this link out it explains pyramiding.



Hill & Ponton Disability Attorneys.

Also listen to Asknod  he is one if not the best Veteran Advcoate Hadit has...Also Gastone and Ms Berta and broncovet and Vyne and some of the other members are great.

Just ask your question in the correct forum   usually in the Veteran claims and research a subject title for what you need help with and members will give you some great information.


Welcome to

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19 hours ago, asknod said:

MS is rated under DC 8018 but only discusses the minimum rating of 30%. Obviously, to get to SMC M either you have other ratings above 50% or 100% which give you the "bump" permitted by §3.350(f)(3) or (4).

Needing A&A is a 100% rating in itself which got you to SMC L in the first place. 

Always understand, SMC is the least understood of all VA entitlements. I've had raters tell me they have tried for years to grasp it but never succeeded. That begs the question "So who did you turn to in order to figure it out?" This is why I end up litigating in this area more than any other. It's also one of the most lucrative for the Vets as SMC is paid once you can prove entitlement-even if it was years or decades ago.

I totally understand. I have all of the above yet can’t get past M. It looks like the rater is trying to follow the example in the VA manual but just stop there without really looking at my case. I’m not sure how to get my case to a rater that knows how to rate. I’ve been researching SMC for years now but I keep hitting hitting as brick wall in raters that don’t understand how to rate a multiple condition case like MS. I was so very happy to see the rating decision posted on this site with R2. It was so great to see a proper analysis. I need that but don’t know the path. I have filed for years know but to no avail. 

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Email me re your SMC conundrum, sir. I'll be out of the office until next Wednesday. I got an invite to go to DC to be sworn in at the CAVC Tuesday. My business email is 

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