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New VA Malpractice stats from reporter



This is the same reporter who called me last year, interested in NY VA malpractice issues.

I was the only FTCA case here in NY that I had documentation on so I didn't want to let him use solely my will be in my book anyhow....

His focus was solely on NY FTCA - VA cases and all I could do is give him some tips because these settlements are very well hidden by the VA.

No one here responded as a NYer with a FTCA issue when he asked me to post his contact info here.

He and another reporter found some large cases but they do not reveal how much  was paid out in 1151 when FTCA was not an option ( or the claimant or survivor filed both FTCA and 1151claims.)

After a 1151 offset is recouped by VA for FTCA settlements ,then the subsequent SC payments under 1151 are not part of the whole picture...VA pays out more for malpractice then we know.

There is no record (except what I have in my settlement papers of what their malpractice on my husband cost them. I added up a recent audit and it all ,in my case, is a staggering sum.)

Interesting article and they did a good job in the article with the evidence they found. The rest of VA's secret malpractice cash pay outs is well hidden.

And there are probably many malpractice claims that are never filed because the vet or their survivor never considered VA could have been grossly negligent in their VA health care.


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I can say with some certainty its "not just" NY VA.  My VA also gives mostly substandard care, but there are some great parts about my VAMC.  For example, the audio department is superb.  Last week I  got hearing aids adjusted from the audiologist who did my 2002 exam.   This means she was there for 14 years.  I dont think she would have stayed that long unless the department was running at least somewhat right.  

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Its a crying shame these veterans died  from the substandard health care the VA  has give them.

I know the VA will eventually kill me off.

As my pcp just looks at my chart and I don't think she even reads it. 


The last time I went in to see my PCP by Appointment  6 month check-up

She was in a hurry  it was 2:00pm  she had a Meeting with the big wigs there at the Hospital at 3:00pm

she said my vitals look ok do you have any questions? she never read my chats I watched her, I said yes mam I do have,  she said well let me look at you and she listen to my heart lungs  vowel sounds  ect,,ect,, took  maybe two minutes.. I went in for my exam at 2:00pm and it was over at 2:10 pm

then I sit back in the chair by her desk at the computer, I was going tell her I had this chronic disabling pain in my right hip..she said well its probably arthritis you do have DJD, I'll send you to X-Ray.&  I wanted to tell her I been having a coughing spree for the last 2 months and wanted to get her to check that out too

 then she said alright this ends your exam  just stop by the X-Ray dept on your way out  walk me to the door  like get the hell out of here I'm busy with a meeting at 3:00

...I was there every bit of 5 minutes and never got a chance to ask he about my swollen Prostate and the problems its been causing me   I was going to let her know the med's she has me on for that don't seem to be working  but she had to go to that meeting with the big wigs  and it was at 3:00 pm according to the Tech that check my B.P. Vitals

she did renew my meds.  guess that's a good deal.

so needless to say it pissed me off  but what can be done about it...this is maybe nothing to worry to much about  but it could turn in to be worse or cost me my life at some point &time

she use to be throual and check me out from hear to toe and talk with me explain things to me  and I really started to like her..but I'm in doubt now.

What about the other veterans that are in worse shape than me...I tell ya the VA Kill us all if nothing is done about this VA substandard heath care.

If I had the $$ or insurance I'd sure use private care..I hope to live a little longer.






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Its good to hear your VAMC has a good Audology Dept

I will never use mine Local VMC Until a Certain ENT Dr leaves. if I happen to see him no telling what I might do to him. For some lying and bad problems he caused me during my claim process...I can't stand to look at him.

I go about 300 miles to my old West Tx Big Spring VAMC for my hearing problems and to get new Aids.

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