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Unknown Diagnose?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

What is a Veteran to do   when the VA D'r   (4) of them can't come up with a Diagnoses?

I have these 3 round circles on my lower back  that itch very bad  they been there over a year now, PCP prescribe topical creams   they don't work, I've tried everything I know of  research through Mayo Clinic, nothing but lime tic disease but that's been ruled out as well as other possibility's 

Finally PCP put in for me  to Dermatology Clinic after a year  & those Dr's can't give me a Diagnose either.

Could this be some rare type of skin disease I ask one of the Specialist?  he said he did not know, he called in two more Dermatology Specialist  they did not know? Ask me if I've been out of the country recently within the last year or so? I said no...they did a Biospy and still can't make a Diagnose.

They still don't know what to tell me  and I need this Diagnose..hell it might be some rare skin disease from way back in my Vietnam days From A.O.   With out a Diagnose I' have a problem.

Anybody have any suggestions??

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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   As far as benefits go, considering you are already 100 percent plus SMC S, it doesnt sound like it will help you to persue claims on this, unless it affects higher levels of SMC.  

   Now lets move on to the more important issue, your health.    Please take what I post as not any kind of insult, none is intended, but rather to help you.  

FOR ME, This is what seems to help me.  

Since I recently turned 65, like you, I enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (no premium other than the cost of Part B medicare).  THIS plan has a Senior Sneakers plan that pays for a membership to a local health club.    I got to thinking about that.  Why would a health insurer pay for us to go to a health club?  Because that is cheaper for them than paying for us to go to the doctor.  That is, we need to go to the doc less when our overall fitness and health levels are better.  

So, I did it, and started exercising.  I used to think this was "not" for 65 year olds, it was only for 20 year olds but I found out even nursing homes try to get residents to exercise and move more, that even nursing home residents can benefit from exercise.  

Having worked in a nursing home I saw the regression.  I also know that I read that there was a big study that said the key was if you can walk 3 mph.  If you can walk 3 mph, then chances are you will be alive in 5 years, while if you can not walk, at least 3 mph, you have a 50 percent chance of not surving more than 5 years.  It made me realize how important it is.  

When my father passed, he did not exercise, and he got weaker and weaker until his legs would no longer support him.  He passed within a few weeks.  All of this stuff led ME to a conclusion that I can do something about my health and my survival.  

When we have some type of "wound" such as the one on your back, to heal it we need blood flow to that area, where cells carry off infection and deliver nutrients and even fresh cells.  Of course they can not do that if the heart is weak and not pumping enough blood.  We see that in diabetics.  When I worked in the nursing home, I asked someone how to tell if someone is a diabetic.  "Oh, its easy.  They are the ones with one or two missing legs"  Sure enough many/if not most of the diabetics got some sort of an infection, eventually, in a foot or toe, that would not heal and the limb had to be amptuated.  It happened to my brother who waa a diabetic and he had "poor circulation".  He passed about 3 years ago.  

My suggestion is you begin exercising and improve your overall health.  I have only been exercising about 10 days, and have already noticed my feet hurt less (much less) my knees hurt less, and even my mental health is "episodically" better.  

I think you could also do the same, that is, if you want to.  

In the Bible, a blind man came to Jesus.  Jesus asked him "if he wanted to be healed".  I thought that was interesting.  We assume he wanted to be healed, but not everyone "wants" to be healed.  Luke 18 35:43, please allow my paraphrasing and interpretion.  

Here is an article where a study cites that being able to walk faster has a positive affect on your health:


In part:


How fast a person walks is a good predictor of longevity. An 80-year-old man who clocks 1 mph has a 10% probability of reaching 90, while a woman of the same age walking at that pace has a 23% chance. The median life expectancy for the 80-year-old man is four  years. For the woman it is seven.

Up that speed to 3.5 mph, and the 80-year-old man has an 84% probability of reaching 90, while a woman would have an 86% chance.That translates to a median life expectancy of 14 years for the man and 17 for the woman.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yes I understand that about the comp but I want a Diagnoses.

 what if I was only 30%  If this unkonwn skin ailment is cause from??  I would want to know.

The VA Dr's in my opinion should tell me what it is? claim or no claim.

I do agree about your medicare plan  with the  free membership  to work out.

I just can't do any of that, my knees are always swelled up from R.A.  The Crippling Kind...

I try to walk,a little

I used to walk 3 miles every morning about 6:00am  but  I just keep getting worse with my bad knees ...but I still try...

We have 10:00 year membership at our community Center (All kinds of work-out machines) but were both so crippled up  we can't do that anymore, I use a cane and my spouse is in a power chair,,,its funny she got a power chair for a large person...and she is 120lbs soaking wet, I would be the correct size for her power chair  but she won't trade with me  my cane for her power chair...can't say I blame her.

I hope your health gets better  doing what your doing   watching your diet and go work out  will surely increase your health..I guess I just waited to long and my health has caught up with me.

Thanks broncovet I appreciate your input.

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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We used to get a show, and it may have been called "mystery illness" or something close.  They had a new person each week who had gone to literally dozens of docs and none could figure out what was wrong.  

That is, doctors are "not" always able to do a diagnosis, there are mystery illnesses.  In the show, however, the people sought out a specialist and they were able to diagnose and treat the problem.  

Since I think you have insuance "other than VA", like myself, I would also humbly suggest you do just that also.  

Search online for specialists in Dallas on this disorder.  Go to the Cleveland clinic if you have to.  

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I recently utilized my Medicare ( $39 co-pay) to get a second opinion on the medication that my VA doctor had given me... so an outside opinion is worth $39... also don't tell them what has been done, just go in and see what they say.  jmo

Hope you feel better - they will rule out: contact dermatitis... also wash your clothes separately with no soap - see if it is anan external source, shower with no soap also to see if you can narrow down the irritant.

Also keep a food journal to see if it is a food allergy....look at the precautions on your medications....

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yes I will use medicare  Thank you L & broncovet.

I've check the foods and watch my diet, I thought it might be some secondary condition to Diabetes but they say I don't have that

 The VA Doc's still don't know what it is ?

They said its not any types of cancers  so they ruled that out  I ask them if they can pin=point a Diagnoses   and they all said no  We just don't know what it is on your back.

 they use to be 3 circles  today at the VAMC Dermatology clinic only one showing up,   she said to keep my eyes on it  continue using the creams for itch   she said it looks what ever it is  is going away....I said well I hope so Doc...they want to see me back in 4 months on this  and if the other circles come back and is itching  to come into the clinic.

They couldn't til from the biopsy.


I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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Buck..For whats it worth, I have a friend who was a Hawk missle man in the Army and he started out with two or three 

circles on his arms about five years ago.   He went to about 6 different doctors over the years and they just started getting worse and more blisters showed up all over his body.   Well, about 2 years ago, he was finally diagnosed with Lupus.

Two years ago, we filed a VA claim to get him service connected for Lupus caused by the "Air Shot Guns" they used to

use.   He had a statement from his DR. that it was "as least likely as not" the air shot guns caused his disease.

VA in their wisdom denied his claim and we filed the VA Form 9 and are now awaiting a BVA Decision.

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