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Am I there yet?

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Yes I am there. My appeal only took eight months. In October , 2015, I was awarded loss of use of a hand and a foot and got the vehicle grant w/adaptive equipment and the SAH grant. I appealed that decision because upon any new 100% grant the VA is obligated by statute to consider A&A as an inferred issue and they failed to do that.

In December 2015, I appealed the decision because A&A was not considered as an inferred issue. My contention was,  I was awarded SMC "L" for loss of use of two extremities in the decision.  Had the VA considered A&A as an inferred issue at the time of that decision as they should have, I would have qualified for regular A&A. An A&A award is also a SMC"L" award. According to 38 CFR 3.350 and USC 1114 if you are entitled to two separate ratings between L and N you qualify for the "O" award. In my case I have two awards at SMC L that qualify for SMC "O". The A&A automatically goes to the R-1 rating if you obtain the prerequisite "O".

I got eight months retro but will appeal the decision for an earlier effective date of January 2011, the date that the loss of use claim was filed. More later.

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The focal point and the argument in the case at COVA will be whether or not the SMC at A&A should have been inferred. If it is decided that indeed it should have been inferred everything else will fall in place. It is expected that there will be a  joint motion for remand, (JMR) back to the Board where the EED eventually will be awarded.

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