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TDIU vs Scheduler

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If your rated TDIU 100% no further exams and claims that are in appeal get finished and then makes you 100% Scheduler what happens to your TDIU??

Will you still have the status of no more exams? if a condition gets better does it resort back to TDIU automatically if none of your TDIU conditions get better?

Can anyone explain this?


Also When are people that are TDIU suppose  to receive the annual  form to fill out??

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I would imagine at that point the TDIU would be considered MOOT and the Schedular rating would take its place, If your TDIU is considered P&T I would assume that your new rating would be as well ( this relies heavily on the possibility of improvment) . As for a simple transfer back to TDIU if conditions improve I can answer that.  As we know how the VA works, nothing is ever smooth or fast. 

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To see if you are P&T, call 800-827-1000 and ask. If your rating decision shows eligibility for CH 35 educational benefits for dependents, call them too and that will also verify P&T status. ChampVA health benefits for dependents are also a part of the package.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

yes you will still have the status...

Unless your s.c. disability improves, but since you were rated as P&T and your disability is not likely to improve in your life time with no future exams scheduled , it is unlikely that you will be called up for a C&P Exam.

so your status should remain.


 Note: The thing you may want to check on now is the possibility for SMC (Special monthly Compensation) benefits.

Unfortunately the 1-800 is unreliable, you can call it at different times ask the same question and get a different answer 99% of the time.

Edited by Buck52

I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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It's not "No further exams," it's "No future Exams Scheduled," a big difference. Keep in mind, your IU condition/conditions must be determined to be Total & Permanent for a "No Future Exam" to be referenced. Then again,  No IU Rating is truely Protected and Permanent until you hold the IU Rating for the 20 Year.

The post IU Rating filing of any type of New, Secondary or Increase Claim can initiate a Review of a Vet's IU Award. Any IU Review can result in an IU Reduction proposal.

Vets that get a recent Award Letter indicating an "Inferred IU Claim." file the Claim and are Awarded IU T & P No Future Exams Scheduled are still subject to (2) Rating Dept problems, "Diary Dated 2 to 3 yr Reviews" and SC Conditions held for less than 5 years making them eligible for reduction without proof of long-term improvement.

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