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New or old rating criteria

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I have a non-compensable rating for thrombocytopenia that was given under an older rating criteria.  The criteria has since changed since there was a revision for the hemic and lymphatic section of the 38CFR with a revision date of December 5, 2018.  Does the condition continue to be rated under the old criteria or does it now fall under the new criteria?  The newer criteria is a lot different than the old.  I was close to receiving 30% under the old, but not even close under the new.

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Thrombocytoperia and hemic lymphatic conditions are rated under diagnostic codes 7703 thru 7705. I believe that when they revise or update these codes if your claim was in before the change you are treated at the best for the veteran using either criteria, which is what Oceanbound refers to as the grandfather clause. After the release date the veteran is under the new criteria.

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