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. I recently submitted my claim for HPV service connected, and it came back denied. They said it wasn't service connected. I'm getting very frustrated. My denial letter made absolutely no sense to me. It says that i have it, or had it while in the service, but it's not service connected. I had issues even when i got out, and had to have several procedures done, eventually I i was told i have cervical cancer, and ended up having a hysterectomy in 2016. I could use some advice from anywhere.

I've researched other HPV cases and they ended up being 30% service connection.

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To become SC, you need three things:
1. Event/injury in service
2. Current diagnosis
3. Medical nexus connecting 1 and 2

You already have 1 and 2, so I have a feeling the nexus is where the problem can be found.

The VA would have sent you to a C&P exam to be examined and the doc would make the nexus determination. You can also get your own private non-VA doc to fill out a DBQ and do pretty much the same thing.

Because you received treatment while in service, the next thing to explore would be your entrance examination. The military had you fill out a questionnaire asking if you ever had a variety of things. You check yes or no. Then a doc gives you a once over to either confirm or deny any diagnosis they can find. If the doctor said you were normal on that specific area, then the presumption of soundness kicks in. That means you were presumed to be in sound health. Check your entrance exam and see if anything was diagnosed.

Unfortunately, some service members contract it via military sexual trauma (MST). There is a female-only forum here on Hadit which you can explore if that happened to you.

I recommend gathering the information you need and filing a supplemental claim to appeal the decision. The VA is known for often overlooking evidence. If evidence is both for and against, the VA is supposed to give the veteran the benefit of the doubt.

"If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid."
- From Murphy's Laws of Combat

Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert, so use at own risk and/or consult a qualified professional representative. Please refer to existing VA laws, regulations, and policies for the most up to date information.


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