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MST PTSD Claim Filed With Diagnosis From Civilian Doc

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First,  I'm so entirely confused right now; that I am just about to forget all of this.  I am stressed to the brink, and I feel like I'm right back in the same hell that gave me the condition in the first place.  My VSO rep is a straight drunk, and he/she is HORRIBLE at their job.  I was never referred to an MST Coordinator or even knew they were someone different than the VSO.

I was instructed that I needed to get my condition diagnosed.  I was told I could use the VA (which I'd never known about or used before).  I called the VA, and they told me it would take over a month to even get the first appointment.  After waiting as long as I have to actually admit I needed help, I didn't feel that waiting over a month more was the best course of action.  I wasn't even sure I'd be able to convince myself to go if I didn't go soon.  Too much time passing would weaken my resolve.  I have PI, so I made an appointment with a private PsyD, LCSW who specializes in dealing with these kinds of issues.  I've been in treatment since April of this year.  I love my provider.  My diagnosis, in her opinion is Chronic and classic PTSD.  I told my VSO I was in treatment, and she waited until a few weeks ago to go ahead and file my claim. 

In the mean time, I submitted a request to obtain the police report and subsequent investigation of the event in question.  I did finally get the report that proves the event occurred.  I feel lucky I have that.  My VSO sent me the DBQ and told me to have my provider fill it out.  I sent it to my provider, and she did so.  She filled it out with all PTSD DBQ Criteria met.  I supplied that to my VSO.

She filed my claim.  Now, I am reading that my physician's DBQ and diagnosis won't be accepted?  Does that mean they will automatically deny my claim without even doing a C&P, and I'll have to start all over again seeing some VA Provider?  I am literally sick to my stomach over all of this ridiculousness!!!  It's not enough what my command put me through when I was assaulted...now, I have to literally put myself through the EXACT SAME TYPES OF EVENTS that shaped who I became.  Someone please tell me I'm misunderstanding all that I'm reading...



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First off  fire your VSO and if you need on find you a good one  one that has a good track record with veterans claims.

 I agree with Ocean  you need a PTSD Dx from the VA ME CLINIC.

 you need to go to your VA MH Clinic and ask to see a MST Coordinator.and ask for treatment  they will or should give you an evaluation and set you up to see a MH Therapist .As for as a MST Claim  you will need to find all your service records and military police reports  or cilivan police reports...you need the information that pertains to the truma you were induced from  you will need to prove what happen where it happen and when it happen and any witness's you may have..but witiness is not required  it just helps you prove your claim...the therapist may ask some very personal questions to find out more about your MST....BUT REMEMBER YOU DON'T NEED ANY RECORDS TO FILE A MST Claim  your lay statement may be good enough  it just depends on if they believe you or not  so I suggest start gathering up your records as evidence this has happen to you.

if it happen while in military then check with your unit commander get the report  get all medical records police reports ect,,ect,,  

same if it was out side the military compound  they should  be records of this event if you reported it  if you did not report it  then you will have to rely on your lay statment and describe what happen the date you occured the MST. 

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So, my regional MST Coordinator contacted me today.  I DO NOT need a diagnosis from a VA Dr.  My diagnosis from my private Dr.  is fine for them to process my claim.  She was very nice, and she kept saying she was sorry for having to ask me certain things.  I am lucky in that I did report my incident.  It was investigated by OSI, and it was sent forward for action.  I was able to do a FOIA request and obtain the report and investigation interviews.  The MST coordinator is going to see if she can obtain the records on the action taken because I was never given anything and wouldn't know how or if I could obtain those.  All I ever got was a phone call at my next Duty Station telling me the case had been closed and that the subject was being processed out.  My understanding is that he was "offered" an Article 15 with 6 months CC and "refused".  So, they kicked him out.  I still have no understanding of how a sexual predator can possibly "refuse jail time" and just get out processed with nothing about him being a predator on his record.  That makes me crazy!  At any rate, she told me that I will have to attend a C&P Exam and she will request a female administer it (by my specific request) then she is sending out a form for me to sign that will authorize them to obtain my medical records from my private doc.  She said I can decide to start getting treatment from the VA, continue with my private doc, or both...it's my choice.

My best guess is that the C&P examiner is the "VA Dr" that will either diagnose or not in this case.

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