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Deck logs for refueler during operation frequent wind

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I have deck logs from a water and refueling ship that gives the position of my ship during operation frequent wind. As it refueled our ship and states such. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to read the position on the deck log? It is latitude and longitude. It looks like lat 943.5 n, 107.22ne. This could be pretty important in showing the ships were within the 12 mile zone. Right now the Denver logs will not be available until after next year, but if this works out it will be just as good. Thank you 

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I found the USS Denver on the VA AO ship;s list = here:


Mighthelp another BWN AO vet and we have ALL updates on Blue Water Navy AO in our AO forum- I think we might even need a specific Blue Water AO forum at some point.

A ship log is there - I will try to find it to help you determine the Long/Lats etc.

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It is in one of these posts:





A navy veteran might have been on a AO ship, with deck longs that do not seem to quite fit into the HR 299 criteria- BUT as long as they were on the ship AFTER the date VA deemed the ship was exposed to AO, the ship (and it's crew)was contaminated, wherever it went after that. 

This is how I understand HR 299-but we do not have any regulations yet-

I think it is why Secretary Wilkie gave a staggering number of  potential claims expected from vets who were exposed.(unless he included survivors in that figure, as a claims estimate.)

You stated:

"It looks like lat 943.5 n, 107.22ne. This could be pretty important in showing the ships were within the 12 mile zone"

Could that reading be  94.35 N, 107.22 NE? I am a civilian but seem to think that would make more sense.

I bet many deck logs are so old that thy are very hard to read. 


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This decision might help you- but I think you have enough evidence already- then again there is nothing like More evidence.



“1.         The Veteran died in October 2012; the appellant is the Veteran's surviving spouse, who is substituted as the claimant to continue the Veteran's pending claim and appeal to completion.


2.           The Veteran was stationed aboard the USS Denver (LPD-9) beginning in July 1972, during which time the ship was operating temporarily in the Republic of Vietnam's inland waterways and docked to the shore; thus, the Veteran's exposure to Agent Orange during service may be presumed.”

Even if the USS Denver didn’t dock during your time on board, this proves she was exposed to AO.”




“Service personnel records reflect the Veteran was stationed aboard the USS Denver (LPD-9) beginning in July 1972.  VA's Adjudication Procedure Manual includes a list of ships which operated temporarily in Vietnam's inland waterways or those which docked to shore.  See Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents (updated January 2, 2018), VA Adjudication Procedure Manual M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii, 1.H.2.f.  According to this list, the USS Denver transported troops, equipment, and supplies ashore with smaller vessels and docked at Da Nang and elsewhere in Vietnam from February to September 1970, March to June 1971, in November 1971, and from January to August 1972.  As stated above, service personnel records show the Veteran was stationed aboard the USS Denver starting in July 1972, when the USS Denver operated in Vietnam's inland waterways and docked to shore.”


Unfortunately the widow’s claim was denied.  veteran did not have an AO presumptive and her IMO could not help garner DIC.

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Were you  near Vung Toa- HR 299 has that coordinate at 8 degrees.27.8' / 106 degrees 27.5-

Could your co ordinate  actually be 9 degrees,43. 5 , north?

My post above is wrong I believe as to the 93 degrees as that might be too far north.

I forgot- the Prime Meridian ( Meridian of Greenwich is only up to 180 degrees.)Longitude

and the Equator starts at 0 degrees, Latitude-this might give vets an idea if they know where Vietnam is ,in relation to the map 



Image result for Vietnam Tropic of CancerT

This one is Better- ironically Vietnam is within the Tropic of  Cancer.



The HR 299 co ordinates were studied very carefully-so I am sure they will be in the regulations as they stand now.



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