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  1. Hi Buck52.

    wondering if you can advise? I’m presently at 100% metastatic prostrate cancer, still going through treatment, which my last another 5 months. This was awarded as blue water agent orange. In the last week I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer and my kidney must be removed ASAP. This I’ve noticed is on the presumptive condition for water contamination while stationed at camp Lejeune. How do I do this in filing a claim, with one already being paid. American Legions here are closed most of the time so getting help from them is difficult. Thanks

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    2. broncovet


      I agree with Buck.  File because prostate cancer is notoriously reduced after a year or so.  

    3. Aviationtech


      Thanks everyone for the advise. I will be filing. But looks like  from the cat scans it has not metastasized. So should I still file for expedited claim?

    4. GBArmy


      In that case, probably just make a statement that because of his ongoing health issues from the contaminated water at Camp LeJeune etc, his health is not good. They don't have to react to it, but they are human and it may make a difference in moving it along.

  2. I just received an award of a 100% temp disability for the above mentioned illness. With another review in 6 months. The issue is, there was no mention of my incontinence problems by the CP examiner in the award. I have been having issues with this problem for a couple of years that has gotten worse since my radiation treatments. What will I need to do to insure they award a rating for this condition once they call me in for a review and adjustment from my present rating. Thank you
  3. I have deck logs from a water and refueling ship that gives the position of my ship during operation frequent wind. As it refueled our ship and states such. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to read the position on the deck log? It is latitude and longitude. It looks like lat 943.5 n, 107.22ne. This could be pretty important in showing the ships were within the 12 mile zone. Right now the Denver logs will not be available until after next year, but if this works out it will be just as good. Thank you
  4. I found a website that had theses deck logs but I’ve never seen logs like this so I’m wondering if someone could take a look and let me know if theses are legitimate to use with a disability filing. Thank you https://www.history.navy.mil/content/dam/nhhc/research/archives/command-operation-reports/ship-command-operation-reports/d/denver-lpd-9/pdfs/1975.pdf
  5. HiToddT.

      Yes, the Denver used her boats. As a matter of fact. I was stationed below inside the welldeck and assisted in ferrying refugees from different ships and ditching of refugees as they ditched their helicopters into the sea. We went throughout the whole staging area and several different ships in completing this operation. 

  6. Good morning everyone. I seemed to have gotten myself very confused reading everything new regarding the new rules for Blue Water Veterans claim. I was present as a Marine attached to the USS Denver during Operation Frequent Wind during April and part of May in 1975. I was awarded the VSM as well as the humanitarian service medal. I now have metastatic prostrate cancer with no family history and have been told to file a claim with the VA for disability. I’m also one of those marines exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. From what I read prostrate cancer is on the presumptive li
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