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Office chair for back and sciatica both SC.

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I have a SC disability rated at 60% for lower back and Sciatica. I am in real need of different office chair. I have bought 2 chairs and 4 cushions but they aren't helping. What would I need to to to try and get a real ergonomic chair. like the 1,000's ones that I can't afford. I work from home so this would be for work. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am going through the Huntington VA office.

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Welcome to Hadit!

Is this for work or home? If it is for work, check with your human resources department. Sometimes they will have a safety team who can perform an ergonomic assessment and reconfigure your work area and get you a decent chair. You can also request reasonable accommodations under the ADA (if you meet the requirements), but they are required to do something - not necessarily what you want. My employer started by providing a small lumbar pillow, then a different lumbar pillow, then I finally got an ergo chair that is pretty dated. The chair I currently have is better, but it is still not perfect. I have to balance it out with periodic stretching and walking to keep from getting too stiff.

This one is similar to mine and is reasonably comfortable:

I was thinking about buying an xchair, but they are a bit out of my price range.

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I work from home as an independent contractor teaching online. But it is getting to the point where I can barely walk after teaching for a couple hours. That is why I was asking if the VA would provide a real chair. I really don't have 1000.00 plus to buy a chair that would actually help. I have already bought 3 chairs and none of them help. What program or who should I talk to see if the VA would provide an effective chair.

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I would recommend you visit the prosthetics office to speak to them about a chair.  They have monies to help veterans to buy items that are used to accomplish daily life.  If they are not the one's to speak to they should be able to tell you who you need to speak to.  Good luck.

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