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VR&E while Employed

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hey everyone- long time no type i know...things been wild here in Virginia...ill try update soon

but for this post-

i recently got scuba certified through a veteran program and fell in love....the peace and calm of the water and the silence- it was like meditating the entire time i was under! my mind quieted...my heart slowed...my worries disolved into the salt water around me! it was epic!!!!

i have till may of next year to use up my GI Bill and thought "oh maybe ill use this to go into scuba and become a dive instructor etc."....after a bit of research GI Bill only covers certs for this type of work- and none of the equipment...what vets usually do is switch over to chapter 31 since it can cover the cost of classes, certs, equipment and give some BAH...

i am currently employed tho. i have read a lot of experiences here on HADIT how the counselors screw guys over if they are currently employed and wanted to see if anyone has had any recent run ins or seen any changes in how this program is working with employed vets changing careers....i am 100% PT but scheduler...

let me know your thoughts and experiences you had trying to use Chapter 31...thanks guys and galz and glad to be back writing and reading your posts-missed yal!

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Okay this may help as somewhat related.  As a 1970 Vietnam Army medevac helicopter pilot vet I used the GI Bill for the following:

1. In 72 to 73 the VA paid for me take accounting and business night courses at the University of Texas main campus in Austin.  I was also flying part time for the Texas Army Guard in Austin.  Not service connected for anything then.

2. In late 1976 I again used the GI Bill to receive further advanced FAA helicopter flight training for the Airline Transport IFR rating and Certified Flight IFR instrument Instructor ratings at Jet Fleet Corporation in Dallas. The VA paid $10,000 for this I paid $1,000. Employed with overseas commercial helicopter companies but still not service connected for anything.

3. In 1987 I was service connected at 50% for Nam PTSD and using the VA V&R program I finished my accounting degree at a Central Texas college.  This was a full time two year event for me.  I was then employed part time in a protected family business using my accounting education.  I turned down VA V&R job offer to work as accountant at Randolph AFB as I wanted no further involvement with the military.  Since 1998 I have been PTSD 70% and total 100% P&T with recent SMC-S.

My comment not legal advice as not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.

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just an update on this

i was approved and working on career path and job research(educational requirements, salary expectations, growth prospects, physical nature,
duty locations, 3 jobs that I will qualify for with education I am proposing to include the entire job posting job title, duties, and qualifications- ITS SO MUCH!)

i also have an "academic worksheet that was sent to me. this appears to be for college degree programs. of course Scuba instructors are not degree programs...they are certifications and then licensing. some of the things asked for on this sheet are vague at best and just flatly cant be answered in a non-degree program.




  •  Number of college credits required to obtain declared degree program: 

  • Number of college credit hours accepted from transfer credits towards new degree program:  

  • Number of credit hours remaining to complete degree program after considering the transfer credits: 

  • Select Academic Term:   

    • Semester Hours

    • Quarter Hours

    • Clock Hours

    • Other

  • How many weeks are each semester?
  • How many credits per term is considered full time?



as you can see above, these questions cant be answered well or at all. does anyone know of a different form or way of getting the information needed for non-degree programs back to my counselor? should i just answer the ones i can and leave these blank? i have tried to get in touch with my counselor with no answer.

thanks for your help                                  

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