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Why would they want this?

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My VA PCP has requested home primary care for me.  Those who decide have put in my file that they want a "comprehensive medical psychosocial assessment" first.  Why would they even think they needed this?  Anyone experience this before?  Any info would be welcomed.

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In short, these assessments are generally two prong. In my opinion, they hold equal value but they are done for safety and to assess your whole person. When conducted properly they assist care providers in gathering pertinent and comprehensive information to provide tailored care specific to your needs. In my opinion, this is nothing to be alarmed about. 


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Of course, we dont know.  We can only guess why your doctor did ordered a test.  Apparently he thinks its needed.  I mostly dont waste time on "why" VA does anything, because its anybody's guess.  

I dont even know why "I do stuff" , let alone trying to figure out what a government agency with thousands of employees does stuff.  

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My doc didn't request the test.  She requested home based primary care.  The people/department that the request went to requested the test.  Since I've been under mental health care with the VA for 10 years, I would think they could just ask my psy docs.  Only reason I was asking why is because I suspect they are looking for a way to deny the home  based care.  Guess I will just wait and see.  Thanks to all who responded.  

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