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Insulin from VA

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I get insulin for my diabetes from the VA.  Every month it is a struggle  to get them to prescribe enough for me.  I think they want me to measure it with an eye dropper.  Does anyone else have this problem with the VA?  I was in the hospital for DMII for a week two years ago.  Then the VA just dumped my care in my lap.  If not for my wife I think I would be dead by now.  I am on a pretty rigid schedule for my injections. The VA is really failing me on my HBP and the DMII.  I know it is my responsibility to take my insulin, but I get zero support from VA expect infrequent mailings of insulin if I beg for it.  That stuff is expensive.  Nobody supervises my care.  I see the VA doctor every three months for 10 minutes.  No wonder so many vets die from chronic diseases.

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That sucks.  I had this problem, and I asked the VA for a doctor that just looked over my meds.  We now meet every 6 months and in the beginning was checking every month to make sure everything was right.

I would contact the VA and tell them you need help with your meds, and you need a specialist to make sure you are getting what you need when you need it.

Keep on them until you get what you need.  Also, the VA hates it when you ask for a new doctor, and you state because your doctor was not giving you the care you needed.  

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  • Elder

The doctor blames the pharmacy and pharmacy blames the doctor.  I will contact the VA about my meds again and follow your advice.    I have been contacting my congressman over the last 6 months because the VA is late with my meds or under prescribes for me.  

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  • Moderator

I see there are 3 options to fix this:

1.  (Assuming you have medicare/medicaid advantage or other health insurance) use them either alone or with VA.  

2.  Contact your patient advocate and ask him or her for help on this.  

3.  (My favorite) Contact the VAMC "directors office" for help on this issue.  

    My directors office has fixed medical problems that could not be fixed elsewhere.  

Important:  FIND SOMEONE IN YOUR VAMC who cares, and has authority to fix this.

Up until about 2 years ago, there was a gal at my VAMC, I think her name was Tina.  

She knew our VAMC "inside and out" sideways and backwards.  She knew every employee, could make appointments, or cancel them, and knew who/when to call.

She was amazing, and extremely pro Veteran.  She "got er done", and no need for directors office.  

    I think it was another Veteran, at my VAMC, who told me about her, and she fixed problems, not try to blame others on them.  

    I heard that other VAMC's have a "tina" also.  Ask other Vets who she/he is AT YOUR VAMC if the above fails.  

    *Often time the Secretary of the directors office is just as good, or sometimes better than the director himself.    Many business are actually ran by the secretaries, not so much the CEO.  




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Hey there, I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to get enough insulin for your diabetes from the VA. It sounds frustrating and unfair that you have to fight for something that is crucial to your health and well-being. I suggest you get janumet coupon, which helps to get a discount on some medicine. Don't give up on yourself; keep fighting for the care you deserve.

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  • Greeter

I would report that you dropped your vile and it broke on your next refill that way you get a replacement. I always like to have my medicine on hand and that goes to say extra supply that way I don’t run out. I hope you get this straightened out. I would call your patient advocate and complain.

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