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Hijacking a Topic. (New members take note)

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This mostly applies to new members.     WE want you to ask questions, and volunteers try to give good, helpful advice.  Dozens and dozens of Veterans have benefitted by hadit advice, including me.  

ASK YOUR QUESTION in a NEW topic.   To do this, go to top right where it says, "Create" and select "New Topic".  

Asking your question in someone else's topic is unlikely to get you the advice you want because many people just wont read those old posts..other's wont even see your question because its buried deep in an old post.  

Creating a new topic should put your question "right on the top", where it can easily be seen by those people who have knowledge of your issue.  

Asking your question in someone else's post (hijacking their post) creates confusion because its often difficult to know which question is being answered:  Yours, or the original poster's.  

I will also reiterate:  Give your new topic a relevant name, such as "How do I appeal a BVA decision?"

But not, a general "need help".  Be specific.   Yes, we know you need help.  But "How do I appeal a BVA decision" will often get better answers, because maybe they just got done appealing their's, so they say, "gee, I can answer that one".  

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This really irritates me as post become to confusing. I understand that everyone has something that they want addressed and this is one of those things that the is board has done. Redirecting a person to post a new topic in a polite way or simply advising answering questions. Hadit has a lot use useful information and it should be uncluttered in topics of a topic. That way it can easily be seen.

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True, Dot.  Generally, Im very liberal with new hadit members, who often are not sure where to post.  Moderators can move a post that has been hijacked to a new topic, which I sometimes do.  Experienced hadit members should know better.  

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