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2018 Farm Bill, CBD, CBG

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According to this site, the 2018 Farm Bill "removed hemp" from the legal defination of "cannibis" if it contains less than .3 percent THC.  


Further, both CBD and CBG can have health benefits, for Veterans and others.  Neither CBD nor CBG "get you high".  


Research also suggests that CBD may offer benefits to people with certain medical problems, such asTrusted Source:

Learn more about the benefits of CBD oil.

CBG, on the other hand, can help with nuero disorders:


Some studies suggest that CBG may provide therapeutic potential in treating:


According to my research, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies with "watered down" or even "fake" cbd oil, and you would not get their health benefits.  

As far as Marijuana, even tho many states have declared it "legal", at the VA its still classed as an illegal substance.  Here are states which have legalized it:

This site explains where marijuana is legal, when it became legalized, and if its "medical" or recreational.  


Neither hadit, nor myself suggest breaking any laws, including those for marijuana.  

CBD/CBG "may" be available at stores which sell marijuana products, and those are regulated and should contain the stated amounts of CBD/CBG.  Stuff ordered online, may or may not contain actual CBD oil or CBG oil, but those sold at legal dispensaries are tested to contain the stated amount of oils.  

I dont recommend consuming marijuana, even if its legal in your state, and then go to the VA, which is federally controlled.  It could be detectable in your system.  

This said, if the VA arrested every Veteran with any trace of THC in his system, EVER, then we would have a lot more people in jail.  

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If taking medications, consider check with your doctor before trying CBD/CBG because it may cause side effects or conflict with some medications:

https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/expert-answers/is-cbd-safe-and-effective/faq-20446700#:~:text=CBD use also carries some,taking%2C such as blood thinners.

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Yes.  CBD is a powerful blood thinner.  And, especially if you are on "doctor prescribed" blood  thinners they should know you are using CBD.  Remember, CBD is legal in the US and is sold (as hemp oil, hemp seeds, etc) in many health food stores or even at Kroger and Walmart.  

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I would suggest consulting with a physician, however, if you use the VA health system I can see how that would become an issue in some respects.

I am fortunate to have insurance from federal service and I stopped using the VA health system. Like broncovet stated it is legal. For CBD, I know the threshold is .3 for THC levels to be in the clear. I would still do your homework as with any drug or herbal supplement. There are plenty of health studies on this so it would be worth a look.  I can't be an advocate enough.  There's too many benefits to not consider it as an alternative. 

An interesting point in my experiences, my private insurance is Federal along with Medicare. All of my  treating physicians know I am cannabis patient and it has not been an issue, however, again it all depends on the docs and state regulations, and a more important note the conditions that you are trying to treat.  

My hopes are the VA will eventually accept cannabis as an alternative medication and treatment for conditions as other medical institutions have.  Much like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and alternative medicines. I believe it will just take time like all things unfortunately.

This is just my take on this from my experiences.  



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Thanks for sharing the insights on CBD and CBG benefits and the caution about fake products. I've had positive experiences growing CBD products myself. It's important to ensure authenticity, especially when it comes to health. If you're considering marijuana products, reliable seed banks like the ones mentioned in this article https://joyorganics.com/blogs/news/top-7-marijuana-seed-banks-unearthing-the-best-cannabis-seeds-in-2024 can be helpful. Stay informed and make safe choices! 

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