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Central pharmacy

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I’m in central California, I been told the VA now has a central pharmacy?  I itch all over, several creams, lotions and shots, no help. My dermatologists tells me this central pharmacy makes all the decisions? She says she can only do what they say.

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From what I remember they have 2, one for the eastern half of the US and one for the western half of the US. They don't make decisions like "prescribing" you different medications- that's your doctor. But, legally, a pharmacist can override a doctor and say "hey, this prescription is going to conflict with *whatever*" and then the doctor has to re-write for a different medicine in the same family, usually. Pharmacists are much more on top of drug interactions, they study it for 4 yrs straight. Doctors have a few classes here and there (my BIL is a pharmacist).


There is a centralized VA formulary list that is all the drugs that VA can prescribe. I don't know who makes the decisions on that but it's similar to private insurance- there are some drugs that VA just doesn't carry due to cost or availability. I'm taking one now that I had to wait 6 months for because some TikTokker told the world that it helps you lose weight (it does) but it's also a major diabetes drug. SO, for several months VA couldn't get any of it anywhere because every naturopath, dermatologist, whatever that had letters after their name could order it from the company that makes it- and they were more than happy to sell it to anyone (ozempic). SO, VA had to schedule/prescribe me an alternative which is less effective but still works and isn't quite as in demand because its only about 1/2 as effective. Im not diabetic- I'm taking this in conjunction with VA MOVE for weight control, so I understood the hold-up and why, and I'm cool with it. Diabetics need it more than I do. 


Here is a post from T-Bird that links to some info about it.



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I get insulin from the VA.  That stuff is expensive if I had to pay for it.  Sometimes VA gets stingy with the insulin and I have to complain to my congressman.  My DMII AIC has improved very much with just me and the wife doing my injections with no help or consultation from VA.  VA provides cheap drugs to vets this is true.  I get all my DMII supplies from VA which includes a lot but I often have to beg for it.

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