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Diagnosed versus Issues being a possibility

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While serving in the Air Force, I got divorced which started me drinking heavily so I got a DUI and was sent to alcohol rehab. While there I mentioned being depressed and anxious over the situation and my Psychological profile also mentioned the fact that depression and anxiety were common with my  assessment. Although I was never diagnosed with either. Now I am scheduled to finally see a Psychiatrist for Depression Anxiety and Insomnia by the VA after going through a lot of unhelpful social workers that did nothing pretty sure I will be diagnosed with all 3 conditions. My question is would I be able to claim service connected even though I was not actually diagnosed with those conditions but the conditions were mentioned in my treatment. Thanks for any insight.


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Yes, apply.   An "in service diagnosis" is not required.  Instead this IS what is required:

1.  Current diagnosis (PTSD, depression, etc).

2.  "Event in service".  For PTSD, perhaps you were near a bomb which blew up, or maybe you got PTSD by worrying about getting shot all the time.  Im unsure of your "in service event(s)", but you will need one or more you allege caused your depression.  

3.  A doctor would need to make an opinion that your (depression) is at least as likely as not due to (your event in military service). 

    This is called the Caluza elements (for service connection).  Notice an in service diagnosis is not one of the 3 requirements for service connection.   Frankly it often happens that "an event" Causes something bad to happen to you, but it can take weeks or months or even years for you to get treatment for it.  Example:  A bomb blew up near you.  You eventually lose some of your hearing.  A doctor (or audiologist) opines that this explosion at least as likely as not caused your hearing loss.  You should be good to go for service connection for hearing loss in this example.  But it could have been months, or years before you even noticed your hearing loss, its often progressive and gets worse around 5%-10% per year.  

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Some vets go for years without their PTSD really bothering them and suddenly it hits them.  Some times when you suddenly have time on your hands to think these long buried events with surface to torture you.

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