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Additional Claim - Flat Feet and plantar fasciitis

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Hi All,

I don't exactly have a question. I opened another claim for Flat Feet and plantar fasciitis, since I got back my military medical records and I saw where I went to get treatment for my feet hurting before I got out of service. I forgot I even went to sick call for that.

I have arch supports now, flat feet, and heel pain. So hopefully I can get something. I did a lot better job submitting my claim this time I think since I have been using this forum as a resource. I submitted a personal statement, a copy of my military doctor visit, and records I have from seeing private foot doctors.

My other claim (multiple issues) is still open and I do a C&P exam at my VA in October for my last 4 issues then. I don't know if they will combine it or not I guess. We will see. 



Also, my profile says "Seaman" under my username which is incorrect!! lol

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PF can really cripple you if it is bad.  I have DMII so I claimed  nerve damage to my feet.  I got 40% on each foot.  If you have DMII it is good to claim PN because you can get much more money than flat feet or PF.  The test for PN is a physical exam.  They prick your feet and ask if you feel it.   When your feet really hurt and swell it is hard to know just what is wrong.  Don't get surgery for your feet if you can help it.

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I was approved for 30 percent flat feet/plantar fasciitis!! So my overall rating 70% is now 80% 😀

It Must of been a good C&P and had a service connection.

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