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PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Claims

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I do not have an account, hard to trust anyone. Since '99 stupid pride, distrust, and severe frustration keep me from filing.  Never ever posted anything in my entire life, this is my first. Reluctantly started seeing mental health. Was told I have PTSD after 3 sessions. Thats a work in progress. I need help refiling my claim. Please help me. Very hard to ask for help. Was told by VSO to start looking for secondary conditions to increase my claim. Honestly, I'm lost. Confused. Angry. But refuse to quit. Just need to understand the very complicated way infomation is structured and connect secondary to primary service connection. I get lost in the fray alot just searching, but would rather die than quit.  How do I find the vast infomation that links the two to increase my service connection? Was told I have till June. Sent off for C-file X2 still no receipt. No joy here. Have some medical records and first rating decision.

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I agree with Rattler and the others from my long term experience filing PTSD and other successful claims and appeals myself with the Va since 1985.

To be successful you will have to show some type of new and/or material medical evidence that your situation has worsened in majority of all instances.  Your word alone will open a claim and a C&P exam but then you have to convince the examiner that your situation has worsened without any new medical evidence.  Good luck with that. It is what it is.

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.


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I must note one strong exception in all honesty to my above comment.  In 1998 I filed a reopened PTSD claim and at same time applied for TDIU on the proper form and stated my condition had worsoned over the past many years since my PTSD was reduced from 50 to 30 % in 87 and then terminated in 91.  I stated truthfully that I had not worked at anything for past several years and that i needed immediate assistance from the VA.

I underwent one extensive C&P exam with a VA Psychologist in charge of Reno VA MH clinic and he confirmed by his interview with me that I indeed suffered from serious PTSD.  There were no DBQs in those days and the doc submitted a 9 or 11 page diagnosis of my PTSD condition.  The Reno VA contacted my last employer that was my own small family accounting business and then issued me 70% PTSD with TDIU and in 2000 at my written request VARO made this P&T TDIU.  Also I submitted a few eye witness lay statements as to my serious PTSD symptoms in addition to my own statements plus taking over the counter medications for sleep problems, etc.

I also filed a CUE and VA Injury Section 1151 claim at same time.

So there it is.  A rare exception and example.

Several experienced VSOs have told me that my receiving this rating this way was very rare without any recent medical treatment from VA or private doctors for PTSD. 


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Alright there was a lot of advice given

one- focus on getting your service medical records, personal information file, and Va health care file. Also I recommend you order your c-file which will take a while.

two- find a reputable veteran service officer that way he can assist with paperwork and have vbms access. 

three- continue treatment at the Va and make a list of all that conditions you are trying to service connect. 

four- after you have reviewed your smrs and va records highlight the important dates of treatment and diagnosis 

five- consider getting a va dr or private dr to write a imo/ime in support of your claims. Remember the have to be certified in the career or specialty, write I have reviewed all veterans records, at least as likely not service connected, with rationale and maybe cite some articles to prove claim. 

This is a big list but start small. It takes veterans years to understand the disability system. Heck I’ve worked on it for 19 years and there are things I’m always learning. Remember this is a game not a race so play the game. Always try and be clear of what you want and ask the board because there are many vets that have been where you’re at. Best of luck with your claim take it one step at a time and don’t get confused. Hope to see you back.

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