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Claim consolidate

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A few questions.

I filed a claim for my increase rating of hypertension and heart attack secondary.  So months later when I put in some pact act claim they moved  like 5 conditions into this claim.  I called the Va and she confirmed that, not like I couldn’t see it but wanted to know why….those will hold up my original claim.  Is there a way to get that changed?  I’ve already have the exam for my original claim increase bp and heart attack….


I also told them I had another heart attack last month and didn’t know if submitting that claim would mess up the current progress.  She said just submit the evidence with the current claim.  I want to ensure my 3 months of 100% isn’t over looked for the second heart attack.



Thank you! 


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Before VARO makes a decision on your first HA you can file additional information and/or evidence about second HA to the VARO using the VA form 21-4138 STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM and if you do not have this now old superseded form (I am told) you can use plain sheet of paper and type STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM at the top of page in larger bold type.  This has worked well for me many times since 1998 and most very recently in claims and appeals.

Be sure in your new correspondence you use the VARO reference numbers at top of their pages in reply to you and must include your name, C-file number and last 4 of your SSN plus date of birth on each and every page you send them.

Some one else may know the new form number that replaced 21-4138 if there is one.  I made many copies of the old blank 4138s and still use them if I can find them in my filing cabinet.

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.



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2 hours ago, brokensoldier244th said:

If they fall under PACT we have to review them under PACT. 

Roger that!

also heart ratings were changed in Late 2021.  So looked like just basically Mets?  My X-ray and echo show at least mild enlargement.  VA doctor asked if I have been dx’d with heart failure /‘d sent me to the ER.

iRT echocardiograms do they measure the whole heart EF and the LVEF or are those two the same.  Mine has a LVEF of 33% and also says EF 50-55%  Just trying to understand that.


thanks agaon.



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