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Tired of Exams....

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Hi All,

I had my almost last C&P exams this morning for my like physical ailments, Sinus, back, GERD, BP. I am tired. I think it is from reliving stuff and then feeling like I need to prove something to the VA. Which is exhausting. 😮‍💨

Hopefully, this goes exam well. I opened another claim for feet after I got my medical records on Aug 17th. They combined that foot claim with my first claim, Feb 2023. So I guess I will have one more C&P exam to get through.

The Doctor also mentioned the Results will be going to the Philie office, so later I can do the Vera schedule and pick their office and see if there are any updates. 🙂

Thanks for listening 🙂


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Since 1985 I have undergone many numerous VA and contractor exams for PTSD, heart disease due to Nam AO, OSA Sleep Apnea, GERD, Tinnitus, HTn, ect. and recent QTC and LHI exams have been fast, efficient and courteous unlike the many VA examiner C&Ps of old and last 7 years.

Actually many C&P exams are totally unnecessary and make work government BS for the VA examiners and contractors.  Many of my approved disability claims including recent ones were granted on the basis of my long term VA, private and Army medical records only and all the examiner did was confirm the records already in possession of the VARO raters.

Bureaucratic BS is what it is.  I learned to grow a tough skin and tough it out with the VA many decades ago.  Good luck.

My comment is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.


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Unfortunately it’s apart of the Va game for c&p exam shopping. Fortunately I didn’t have to go to many exams when I filed as the exams were completed correctly but not favorable. For that I had an imo to trump the np. Just remember to take breaks here and there from the claims process. It took me from 2004 to 2014 with a break until 2021 to present. I’m debating on filling another claim for gerd and ibs and have a cue in with the BVA for a eed and SMC s backdated to 2014. Stick with it and don’t give up you’ll get there in time.

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As a friend of mine once said, "you can endure anything for an hour".  They have not been that unpleasant for me.  But of course I dont like docs probing around me, but the alternatives are not good...stop going to the doc and dont accept va benefits.  

If you are over 55 and scheduled for a re exam, (espeically if p and t), then you can contact them and ask them what is the exception you are required for an exam over 55?  This is of course, for re exams, not for exams to get your benefits.  

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