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How do I file for chronic multisymptom illnes?

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IMG_8967.jpeg.6f2ac9267a4250e17aea92ece8f650a4.jpegI’ve done a bit of research and see that’s chronic multi symptom illness is a presumptive condition that the VA recognizes now.

I have never seen a physician classify specific items into that group however, I have many of the issues that are considered presumptive under that umbrella.

How would I file for chronic multisymptom illness. Would I use that as the title and then provide documentation showing my myriad of issues that fall under the umbrella of presumptive service connection?


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 A lot of my ratings are claimed under "undiagnosed illness". I didn't specifically file under that, it was the VBA ALJ that grouped and granted many of my claimed conditions under it, and that was back in July of 2015. Do some looking under the C.F.R. for that and see if claiming all those under that.

Best of Luck!

Semper Fi,

Sgt. Wilky

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I dont work for VA, but I dont think there is a seperate form for this, just list them and list "chronic multisymptom illness".  Just file.  Since you are already at 90 percent, this will be an increase.  Are you working?  If not, consider filing it with TDIU, if you think the reason you are not working has anything to do with SC conditions, "whether or not" the VA has yet recongized them as SC or not.  

You stated something about they are "all on record at VA".  

Good.  But, are you sure?  Have you gotten a copy of your records and do you know they are complete?  If you have, good, you are ahead of the curve.  If not, you have some alternatives:

1.  Do nothing.  Not recommended.  "Assuming" va has all your records (like I did) led to disappointments and delays.  And worse.  Denials.  

2. Be proactive by doing one, or more of the following:

    A.  Make an appointment with your VSO "who has VBMS access" and review your records, and make sure they are complete, including c and p exams, "in service events" which may have led to  service connection, such as in service medical records documenting an illness or injury.  

    B.  Order your own copy of your records (if you dont have them) and keep them.  When they arrive compare them with the VBMS records and send in new relevant evidence which may be missing.  

    C.  You may also be able to get paper copies of at least some of your records at your local VAMC, if you ask at the "release of information" office.  

I have done all of the above, over the years, "beginning with number 1.  (big mistake).  I was a shreddergate victim, and did not know it.  Many, many Veterans have had key evidence "mysteriously disappear from their file".  Yep.  I assumed "that wont happen" with VA.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  

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I think it is just a catch all for issues and then they spread them out to the closest related issue.  I know I filed and they sent it back as not service connected.  They gave me most of the issues related to it, but I don't think there is a real just rating for this.  

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