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  1. Looks approved, but waiting for finality of some sort? I guess pending approval is good then?
  2. My Status for my Claim recently moved from preparation for decision, to Pending decision approval. Is this a good thing? Its nice to see the word approval.
  3. Thats what I was thinking. I got a new letter that say Migraines are "more likely than not" exacerbated by anxiety depression. Thank you. I hope this links the Migraines into a service connection.
  4. Quick question Veterans, If i have a letter from my numerologist that states. "Veterans Migraines may be exacerbated by service connected anxiety or Depression." Is this a legitimate nexus link? Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you Broken Soldier. I have uploaded the Doctors Notes into my Ebenefits...
  6. Hello guys, Quick question, Does a Civilian Doctors Range of Motion findings carry any medical evidence weight in regards to the VA? I am rated at 20% for Spine (loss of forward flexion) However my Spinal Surgeon noted in his recent records that My spine forward flexion was limited to 20%.... This would constitute a higher rating i believe.. Any Advice/help????
  7. The exam was about a month ago... No goniometer used. 10 percent still for each knee. Should this be Bilateral? and increased because both knees are damaged.
  8. Vets, If I received an Inadequate comp and pension exam (no use of goniometer) for my knees and back.... Should I file an appeal? or request that the DRO look at my case? Thanks in advance for any advice
  9. Vets. I am filling out form 21-8940 For my TDIU. In box 18 Did you leave your last job for your disability? I left my job for workers comp which has nothing to do with my service connected disabilities. How should I answer this question? Should I use the same date for my 21-8940 that i used as my last day of work for my workers comp? That was around the time my service connected disabilities worsened.
  10. Thank you, I will do that.
  11. I agree, slow and steady. Time is the main thing that hurts the most. Time means usually going without income at a certain level. But I remain patient. Thanks.
  12. Ok. Yes I am always truthful and I keep my records very organized because it seems that the agencies get things lost and confused often, so i always have my Medical Evidence ready for them if need be. Thanks
  13. Form 21-8940 for TDIU (Box 20 asks do you receive workers comp? Altho I do yes, Its not for any of my service connected disabilities I guess I still must answer yes on this?) (Box 18 asks Did you leave your last job because of your disability?) I left because I went out on Workers comp. My service connected disabilities became alot worse after that, so im not sure what Date to put for (Box15 what date did you become too disabled to work?) It was back in November when my Depression/Anxiety/OCD became so bad I couldnt leave the house..... I know this is confusing, any input would be great. THX
  14. Garylinn, Did you submit a IMO when you applied for TDIU? or did you just submit a Form 21-8940?
  15. Yes Berta. The OWCP is only temporary, I receive OWCP for a non-service connected injury. I am currently being paid by them as I receive treatments. I dont know how to put my mental C and P exam on here, but the examiner said that my OCD/Depression/Anxiety greatly impacts my ability to work or sustain gainful employment, which it does. Can I get an IMO from my primary care doctor out in town? or should I ask my VA doctor? They keep changing doctors on me at the VA and I currently have a PA, no an MD.