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  1. H. Pylori is not one of the 9 infectious diseases. It is common in 50% of the worlds population with only a a small precentage that experiences any problems. It is usually contracted in childhood. It is easily remedy by the use of antibiotics and photon pump inhibitors such as Omperazple and Nexeum. It usaully takes 3 to 6 months of treatments and of coaurse some life style changes. No alcohol, caffine and no smoking. Tha bacteria loves an acidic environment as found in the gut. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. My 14 year old daughter has been suffering bad form it and was just diagnosed the otheir day after 10 years of suffering from it.
  2. Was in the 3/327 inf 101st and also suffer from same issues as well as severe neuropathies. All in the brain case think not.
  3. Some new research. Yes Virginia we are sick and pissed off!​​
  4. A little more on this subject
  5. I called "Peggy" and was told that it just went into rating then was asked if I was boots on ground for Vietnam which I wasn't. Said that was the reason why my DM2 wasn't SC. Went to the Philly VARO and was told by the public contact team that it was at the raters and should be out in the very near future. I had submitted my claim back in Aug 2010. So it takes a while.
  6. Applied for Gulf War Illness ad recieved no C&P exam. Can anyone make sence of this? I was told by the phone people that I didn't need one and that the raters have all the information from my records that they need and that they can make a decision from that alone. Is this a common practice or what?
  7. There are a lot of flake examiners out there. 1992, my first C&P exam Doc showed up for my 800am appointment at 230 pm drunk bragging about his great golf game, this was at the VA in Milwakee, WI. I drove 330 miles south to get there one way. Had to do this 2 more times thanks to him. Gave up to tell you the truth until a few years ago wish I never did. Stay in there and keep fighting.
  8. It's been awhile since I have been on here. Finally got a C&P done took a call to my congressman and 1 week later I was in for the physical. Amazed at how long it took when the PA (ex-navy enlisted) thank god for that and he has briefed congress on GWI. As for what he found it came out to be a laundry list of items. As you will see. 1) Coronary Artery Disease 2) Diabetes Mellitus Type II with pre-diabetes noted from May 1991 3) Carotid Artery Stenosis 4) Hyperlipidemia 5) Prostatic Hyperplasia 6) GERD 7) Peripheral Neuropathy 8) Hearing Loss with Tinnitus 9) Rash with severe scarring 10) Causalgia Right Ankle It took awhile to get this done. I did take a GWI Physical for the registry which was a joke. That physical lasted about 5 minutes. Nothing was ever said in it about me wearing a brace, hearing aids or scars on my arms and face from rashes or even the rash itself which can be very evident at times. This last physical took 5 hours to do and lasted until 600 pm. The examiner told me that he was only given 20 minutes to do the exam. I only wish that all of us would get a guy like I got. Lets see what comes down the road. Last thing has anyone heard of any Gulf War activities set for 2 August?
  9. This has probably been the biggest cover up that VA and DOD has ever been implicated in. It is also a subject that most americans don't want to see or hear about. The admistrations from G.H.W. Bush through G.W Bush placated us with board reviews of what. Most of the evidence has been missplaced (destroyed). I recieved my SMR a few weeks back and from Aug 1990 to the day I ETS'ed May 1991 the records opf shots and a very serious medical emergancy are missing and there is no record of what happened to them. A letter I received frrom St. Louis only states that the records are not available. I and probably thousands of soilders, sailors and airmen are in the same situation. As a Gulf War Vet I m not seeking monetary compensation only medical care and testing specific to this illness.
  10. Only we can be the judge. An interesting film. I only hope that the word can and will get out. This may have some stressors.
  11. I know I was one denied treatment. Been waiting to hear from the Madison Wis VA since 91. (by the way just received my c-file) read that they weren't treating vets with less than 50% at the time. I was sitting at 0% hell still am. What the.... Anyway aren't we all Vets. Ended up paying for the knee surgery myself.
  12. If it of any solice my thoughts ae with you. Hate to say I have been there also. Good thing I found a woman shortly after that. Things are tough when you get out, remember its been 22 years in a different society. Thing is get settled land a job and begin life and watch and learn. Best to you SFC.
  13. Thanks bunches Berta. It seems VA goes over board on the "at the moment Vets". Its another VA Phase. When I go to the VA I see a big sign Welcome OIF Veterans of Terrorism. Stop by and sign up for your benefits. Makes one wonder. Sign has been up for a year nice Computer sign with color. At this VA facility they have their own clinics. As I said its all a phase.
  14. Mom best get yourself a lawyer, good luck!
  15. Keep at 'em you know what the Philly RO is like.