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    • Unfortunately I feel you will need to describe your stressor at some point for the VA. They might concede stressor based on your unit MOS during 911 but that is hard to tell. It does not have to be the most horrific stressor, just one that can be verified. Family lay statements can help but I think you will need to narrow down the stressor and prove it. What special unit were you with? Those unit orders will help. Did this unit get any special awards or decorations for what they did during 911? It is always possible that your DD 214 might not reflect a citation or award that would help VA concede stressor. DD214s can be corrected via a DD 149 form available here at hadit. Just put Not applicable to the injustice part. I know this must have been a terrible experience for you. When I worked at a vet center ,in the PTSD combat group, it amazed me that even though these vets already had a PTSD rating, they would sometimes get into stuff that they never told VA about at all.....even my husband.... I thought I knew his stressors and all of them could be proven ,but one night he told me there were more that he could not even begin to describe to me, let alone to VA.They were the ones that kept him up all night. I will see if the BVA has any decisions there regarding 9/11 Rescue- Recovery service.  Maybe you have a Gulf War stressor that would warrant a PTSD diagnosis and rating...and maybe that would be easier not only to prove, but alleviate re living what must have been pure Hell. Others will help with suggestions here as well.        
    • That's what I thought. I would really just hit the Submit Button, let the Rating Dept do their Magic Act. I continued to file Reg A$$ Claims and FDC's while on a DRO Hearing Appeal from from 2010 Denial of 6 issues, Awarded 10% Tinnitus Hearing SC'd at 0%. By the time my DRO Hearing was held 06/29/14, my other claims had resulted in a 90% combined SC rating. If you now or in the future, think you have a Primary or Secondary SC Issue based on Med Evidence, not emotions or feelings, File the claim as an FDC with your Med Evidence attached as Pdf, sooner rather than later. Semper Fi  
    • rank on the forum is based on your time on the forum and the number of posts you make it is not reflective of your military rank.
    • Thanks-he is still within one year from the date of the decision but does have to move on this fast...that year can pass by quickly. He has no POA so there will be no 646 hold up.
    • I had a CP for my vertigo secondary to my migraines.  The neuro was awful but well that is another drama to fight.  She did state that I had symptoms that could be attributed to Menieres or another vestibular disorder.  Later in the notes, there is mention of a DBQ from an ENT.  Does this mean that they are going to send me to an ENT for further exam, it is not really clear to me honestly.  


Personality Disorder Discharge

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Anyone who is getting discharges under Personality Disorder Needs to contact Russell Terry at (909) 494-6218 Grand Central Phone Number. He is in charge of the Operation Heal and also is head of the iraq war veterans organization, afghanistan war veterans.

http://iraqwarveterans.org/ webmaster@iraqwarveterans

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will pass that on!

PD for Iraq vets--- dejavu to Nam vets---all over again---

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i am really compelled to add my cents on htis issue again. if you or someone you know has this character of service, this phone call is very important. i have seen hundreds of dd214's, both from the viet nam era and others more recent, and i recall seeing one maybe two of these.

22,000 people with this character of service is very, VERY fishy. by the way, the person or persons that i met with this character truly deserved it. the one most vivid in my memory was a service member who burned his girlfriends child with lit cigarettes intentionally. his girlfriend was also a service member and she reported him.

this is the type of person who should receive this deal breaker!

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Many Vietnam vets in the waning years of the war were exposed to very cheap heroin. Many became addicted. Most were given undesireable discharges based on misconduct and personality disorders. At the airbase where I was at during the last few months of my tour in Vietnam in 1970 probably 25% of the troops were snorting this cheap heroin believing it was "coke". At first the Army pretended to treat the addicts. Then they just started kicking them out. I would bet that almost all these troops had never taken heroin before being exposed to the cheap stuff in Vietnam. The CIA at the time was helping to transport the stuff from Laos. The CIA helped to addict thousands of Vietnam vets in order to make Laotian war lords and Thai war lords rich and probably to make themselves rich.

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Yeah and the Army after the Korean War was kicking out soldiers for all sorts of reasons-

the Army was over booked with enlisted and they used creativity on some of those BAd paper

Discharges and Court Martials-to reduce their personnel numbers-

what a scam

Bad paper and character of discharge and phony baloney court martials can be overcome.*

It all gets back to those bad RE codes too-

* see Attard Vs Secretary of the NAvy, HArvey Vs. Secretary of the NAvy, Heiler V Williams (civil action against BCMR) Bird Vs. Sec of the Navy-

Hard to do but persistence -as always-------pays off.

Iraq is becoming sameo sameo to Vietnam-it makes me sick.

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I am telling you, this organization has been already doing great things. Terry Russell is the founder and he has already helped fix some of these erroneous discharges. I personally think its a way to discredit those who are coming back with a bad label. With PTSD claims becoming a big deal in the VA, I personally think its a way of hoping to badly manage the costs that the government is and should have to take care of the veterans. Think what all these guys and ladies coming back from iraq would cost the VA and the military in benefits if each one just had one PTSD claim each. It's getting ugly.

FYI this organization is coming to NYS and I am going to be a rep/advocate. More to come.

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