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    • sensitive as this topic is, if I may Buck,  just request to have your T levels checked out.  Speaking for myself, I was embarrassed to talk to my private doc as well, similar situation, young attractive doctor, made the situation worse for me, however, it is a matter of health.  Whether male or female issues such as these, the topic should be brought up with your primary doc, it can be discreet, Drs are human beings, if they are professional and respectful it makes it easier.  I get the T shots by my pain management doc when I have a pain med consult.  Just my thoughts on the subject, take care.
    • "Question to all: do I do an appeal (NOD)? i am passed the one year mark.  Do I initiate a new claim?"  You need to re-open this claim with New and Material evidence.  "Today, my doctor decided to write a letter indicating that my vertigo and dizziness condition, in her opinion that is more than likely not that this was from the Mefloquine (Lariam ) medication." That letter would be new and material evidence. The letter should state that the doctor had ruled out any other etiology but for the Lariam for the vertigo and support their conclusion with any strong medical abstracts that long term use of Larium can cause this disability.Someone else recently posted a Larium topic here, as well. One of it's side affects can be dizziness and vertigo: http://www.rxlist.com/lariam-drug/medication-guide.htm I mentioned no 'other etiology' because I assume your hearing has been thoroughly checked to rule out ear problems as a cause.I think that link  even mentions larium can cause tinnitus. Can you tell us exactly why they denied the claim? Did you raise the Larium issue when you filed it?    
    • I changed it on ebenefits and va hospital I just don't think I called the 1000 number to confirm my address change I thought updating ebenefits would do the job but it didn't thanks for the info I'm just glad this madness is over I was stressed beyond any stressed point I have ever been 
    • I emailed my PCP ask her if she can help me with it  Just mention to her that I lost interest in sexual actitivy since taking the PTSD Meds and maybe possible other VA prescribe Meds. I just mention  a few things  and ask if she could help me with it? I never mention anything about filing a claim  to her....yet anywayz. I will file a claim for it  but I want my sex life to came back  which I have my doubts.  with a VA  Diagnose of Chronic PTSD I don't much think the V blue Pills will help?
    • Sorry this was for the Dallas Tx VA But they maybe some information in it to help you? https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/USVHA/2016/09/26/file_attachments/627672/VA%2BGRANT.pdf .........Buck


How Do I Appeal

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1. How do I appeal to BVA?

In order to appeal to BVA, you must complete certain steps within designated time periods.


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I received a rating of 80% service connected with 20% unemployability. I was told by regional I was fine and did not need to do a NOD. This was back in 2007. I recently watched Chris Attig's video on YouTube entitled "6 Reasons to Keep Pursuing VA Claims and Appeals AFTER you reach 100". Now I realize I made a mistake listening to them. Can I appeal and if so how?

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I am glad you mentioned Chris Attig as he is an excellent veteran lawyer.

I was told the same thing by a former vet rep in 1998 on a vastly different issue, an award letter.

He had nothing to do with the award at all but was thrilled that he could take credit for it because I had dumped the DAV and moved my POA to him, and within a few months the award letter came.

By 2003 when I re opened my claim, the older 1998 decision kept bothering me and I pulled it out and discovered it had 3 CUEs in it . They were eventually awarded. What Chris says in this video and the hard copy version here at hadit is so true.

Many reps, when you get TDIU or 100% want you to walk away and be happy with it.

 "Can I appeal and if so how?"  That decision might be correct and besides the appeal deadline has passed.

You can file a new claim, if you have an additional service connectable disability that might put you into any of the 6 criteria Chris mentions in his article/video.

Or if you have the older  rating sheet, and can scan and attach it here ( cover C file # etc prior to scanning it) there could be a major legal error in it.








and the video is here:


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