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    • All my bank info is up to date and it's set to let me know when money hits just frustring when it was at the prep for notice then moves back. Hopefully soon it will do something 
    • the  Dr can do some testing, like testosterone in the testicals, and brain,. but its not conclusive.there are  many variables, everyones different. Its hard to get "randy", if you have things weighing heavily on your mind. the  smk is called... " loss of use of creative organ". or something to that effect. Im surprised the Va isnt putting penis bands on people yet, and making them watch  erotic movies to measure arrousal. heck nothing surprises me anymore. Viagra does help, some people.. the VA has cut the pills down to 2  a month. if you cut them in half, you can halfway get off 4 times a month!!! hurahhhh. hurahhhh..  . I guess its ok for the VA to waste billions on bullshit,     but when it comes to a vet having congical happiness, theyve decided you get 4 shots at it a month..  ,
    • Roger That Gastone Will do ASAP. Thanks
    • Load, your at 90%, is your Direct Deposit account set up to Txt/Email you in real-time, regarding all Financial Transactions? Prior to 01/03/2016, I would have agreed with Buck, regarding E-Ben being less than accurate as to Future Completion Dates. I've had (2) Awards in 16, E-Ben posted updates at Least (2) weeks before the Retro Hit. In years past, Retro Hit about a min of 3 weeks before your Decision Letter Arrived, sometime after that, E-Ben was updated to reflect your New Award Info. It definitely appears to me, somebody at E-Ben finally got their Sierra, Hotel, India, Tango together. Semper Fi
    • Thank you for responding.

      All of the original claims were denied of “The evidence does not show a current diagnosed disability” with the exception of the chronic sinusitis, which stated there was no event in service. He claimed no problems even though over 100 pages of civilian medical records for treatments showed otherwise.

      In May of 2012 I sent back the following letter:
        Notice of Disagreement (NOD)
      Dear Sir/Madame: I am in receipt of your letter of 11 April 2012. In that letter you have denied my application for a disability
      rating I claimed 16 AUG 2011.

      Please accept this letter as my Notice of Disagreement (NOD) with your decision.

      My reason for this NOD is an incomplete CP exam was performed along with the examiner not reviewing multiple current civilian medical records and diagnoses.

      I request a Decision Review Officer Process (DRO) appeal and I request a personal hearing.

      I never did get a personal hearing but it turns out they did send a packet in Dec 2012/Jan2013.  I did not remember this until I went through my files. Sorry about that  - I really didn't think I had received back anything.  Dangit - It really gets frustrating when you can't recall a lot of things.  This head injury really screwed up my life!

      It turns out they did send me a request additional data and I sent in a Statement in Support of Claim.  I also did find a copy of the VA Form 9 requesting a hearing but it was only to appeal two of the original issues, and out of that the TBI was eventually rated. 

      I don't recall getting a docket number.

      SO - false alarm.  Again, my apologies for not recalling any of this.  The only thing I need to worry about is having my existing ratings reversed, which I hope is safe because of all the documentation, including VA doctor letters.  If anything, the TBI residue is more severe than what they rated and only gets worse every year.

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Agent Orange- Ihd- Aneurysm

8 posts in this topic

Is an Aneurysm compensated seperate from IHD?

I have 10% for Peripheral Neuropathy

10% for CAD

10% for Hypertension

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I'm not sure but someone will jump in. What makes you think the aneurysm is SC???


Is an Aneurysm compensated seperate from IHD?

I have 10% for Peripheral Neuropathy

10% for CAD

10% for Hypertension

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What type 0f aneurism is it?

This is a long read and the vet was denied for higher aortic aneurism but gets 60% for it.


This concerns me:

I have 10% for Peripheral Neuropathy

10% for CAD

10% for Hypertension

What do they attribute the PN to?

Are these disabilities stemming directly from your service (as compared to any presumptive disability?)

How old is that rating for everything?

Has any doctor explained to you what has caused this aneurism?

Have you had any recent ECHO done?

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If it is an aortic aneurism ,the first line of this study might help get it service connected as secondary to the CAD.

Still this will surely need a strong medical opinion too but this is possible.

Also it is possible, per this article from Mayo clinic


that your SC hypertension could have been a factor in causing the aneurism.

I am not a doctor but feel you should definitely file the claim and ask them for increase in rating for the CAD and the HBP as if either one (I would claim both as cause of this) caused this, it is a secondary condition that would warrant either higher CAD rating or separate rating for the aneurism.

Aneurisms can be treated successfully in many cases so that too would influence any rating.

This will take medical evidence of the link from your SC CAD and/or HBPto the aneurism but this is possible and might even be determined already in your clinical records by your treating doctor.

Edited by Berta

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I went back to an older post you had here:

"Would not Nehmir and Agent Orange be a seperate claim as I had filed back in 2000 for CAD & Heart Disease."

Nehmer would only kick in if you had been denied a claim prior to the date of the CAD award you got and,in fact, the award was for ischemic heart disease which I am assuming here is what you have.

"My Doctors report shows Unstable Angina

Coronary Artery Disease

S/P Bypass graft

Mixed Hyperlipidema


Injection Fraction of 52%

Heart attack in July 4th 1998 with a five way bypass

Heart attack in 2009 and in Mather Hospital for 4 days.

They have ordered another C& P by a NPT for January 7, 2011."

Can you scan and post here the results of the C & P of Jan 2011?(cover personal stuff)

How did you file the present claim?

as to the wording of it.....

I am assuming the bypass surgery was due to atherosclerosis (plaque )? and the hyperlipedimia

Did the C & P exam of Jan 2011 reveal an Ejection fraction different from the 52%?

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Hello Berta,

The reports state the following;

The patient has an LV ejection fraction measured at 50%

Stress test results (METs) 3-5 gets chest pressure make him stop walking after 1/2 block

Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease with MI & CABG x 5v in 1998. has dizziness, has unstable angina, and

has chronic daily chest pressure sometimes must take nitro 2 times then gets bad headaches from it.

The Doctor also tested for ED and tied that to my CAD and nitro in the report.

I just had testing on my aneurism and it grew from a .3 to a .4

They said the aneurism was incorporated with my CAD and tied to Agent Orange.

All my disabilites were awarded tied to Agent Orange and PTSD

I do have a claim in with Nehmir and sent them what records I have. They have requested my C file and they are waiting for it to be released.

My wife did file a claim in 2000 for CAD which has a date stamp on it, and a letter from the VA stating that they would provide medical care for my disabilites

no letter of award for disability on CAD.

Might be in the C file


IRIS responds;

NOD on April 22,2009 for P&T

NOD November 24,2009 for arteriosclerotic heart disease and hypertensive vascular disease

NOD November 5, 2010 for SMC

Thanks for all the information and help. Everyone is a blessing.

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