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No Retro!


I just received an IRIS letter stating this-

Dear Mr. Cool Breeze-

Thank you for your inquiry of December 08, 2011.

A review of your records shows that you received a Notification Letter on November 28, 2011. A retroactive payment on December 1, 2011 for $528.00 and a regular payment of $941.00 was received on the same day. The two payments received on December 1, 2011 totaled $1,469.00 and your payment on December 30, 2011 was for $1,479.00. No other retro payments are to be received.

If you have further questions, you may call our toll free number of 800-827-1000 and speak to one of our representatives. You may also write to the Phoenix VA Regional Office, 3333 North Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012, or send us an electronic inquiry through the Internet at https://iris.va.gov.

What the heck? I thought I was waiting for the military retirement to finish there audit, so the VA can pay me 2 years of retro. This is definitely going to my Congressman's office that they are cheating me-this is a Cue claim. How do I go about suing the VA for emotional distress. I am having severe chest pains from this-I'll see what Peggy has to say-someone owes me big time!!

I am not putting up with this *****.

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Did DFAS finish the audit? I'm heading in the same direction, but after reading the DoDI re: recoupment of severance, I sent an email to DFAS (cor_claims@dfas.mil) to see if they'd received my retirement orders, and how they handle what had been recouped by the VA, and how military retirement plays into the mix. I'd send DFAS an email and see what's going on. Maybe they haven't finished yet???

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They haven't finished. Could take 2-3 months, and then the VA takes even longer to process this as a new claim for compensation retro if entitled. The rep told me to go ahead and forward this to the Congressman-they don't care how they write this. I am entitled to the cdrp, just the VA is treating me like thats all you are getting.

Totally unprofessional and disgusting to receive a letter like that.

And then he wanted to know if I have service organization helping me. Sure-the DAV-I fired them long time ago. That's why I am at 70%-vs 10%. They are a great help!!

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the dav turned me away so I went with the american legion the first time around. I fired them for incompetence and went on my own. if it were up to them I would have nothing and like it.

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OK... you guys have me concerned. I was just awarded IU back dated to Dec. 2010 along with some other things from a claim going back to May of 2010. So, no RETRO should be expected or am I not understanding what you are sharing?

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You should get IU retro back to your effective date. Probably January 2011 if I understand all the details. Do you owe VA any money?

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No, I don't owe them anything, and I sure could use the retro!

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    • Congratulations @Navy4life!!! You put up a good, hard fight and won the battle. Truly happy for your success...Enjoy! 🎉🎊🎈🎊🎉
    • Static ratings are not likely to be looked at again from a reexamination view point. All of my sc conditions are listed as static. Most have been static for more than ten years. I am 67 years old with minimal education. I have three 100% P&T schedular disabilities and numerous lesser %  disabilities. Lately, I filed for an increase for diabetes due to restricted and regulation of my activities. When the C&P was scheduled it was for my static Diabetes and for my static kidney disease, and for PN to include loss of use of two limbs and for my static 0% Chloracne. So, never say never! Why does VA insist on wasting my time and their resources. At least I drew my travel pay and the wife and I ate out for a change. The rater that asked for those reexaminations needs to read the CFR as it pertains to reductions.
    • By the way Buck, I will be on the podcast Thursday evening, the 27th, 6:00 PM. central time. i don't know if it is recorded or in real time. You are welcome to call in.
    • Being delivered in that format does not lend itself for an easy read, not even for a doctor with a lot of patients. (no pun intended)
    • Buck, When you file for any kind of veterans benefits the RO request your records (SMRs) from NPRC, St. Louis in your case. NPRC sends the RO your original records, not a copy. The RO places those original SMRs, in your 201 file, along with anything else that they might have in your claims folder and it never ever leaves that folder again. Your C-file remains at the RO. At the point of two years of inactivity the folder is moved to an off site facility where it can be accessed at any later date. If you move to another region, notify the RO and they will relocate your C-file to your new local RO. With proper notice, you can make an appointment at the RO to view and go through your C- file. Someone at the RO will be assigned to sit with you and watch you to make sure that you do not add or remove anything from the file. If you call the NPRC requesting a copy of the SMRs they will need to contact your RO and have the RO send a copy to you. They seem reluctant to comply but if you request a copy through a congressman or senator's office you will get a nice complete copy of your C-file in a reasonable amount of time. Your congressman or senator has a standard release form that you will need to sign upon the request. I was in Heidelberg in 1969 & 1970. I was at Tompkins Barracks many times during my stay in Germany. I was in the 519th Trans Co. The 519th no longer exist either.