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    • Tomas89031, Thank you for your suggestion.  I was quite an active member on HadIt years ago, but I had to choose between here and devoting more time to a different board dealing with problems people encounter with the Social Security Disability Process that was in more need of my services.  I chose the latter, and established a section for veterans.  I am not the board's owner, but I am the main Administrator of the site now.  I have been able to recruit a team consisting of a co-administrator (to cover for me, when I am not available) and four Moderators.  The board now runs smoothly and I only step in to be the heavy, and issue warnings to or banning members who violate the Terms Of Service they agreed to prior to joining that board. Now that that board runs smoothly, does not mean that I am leaving it.  I will still do that too, but I am not 'needed' as much as when it was just me and the owner running it.  So I was looking for other things to occupy my time.  Full-time employment for me is not an option as I have been inpatient and wide awake for 12 1/2 days.  On day 8, the Chief Psychiatrist had a meeting with me, and told me that I was on enough medications to sedate two people, but he could not tell I was on anything.  I informed him that in full manic mode, I am unaffected by medications.  Due to my severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, they were afraid to induce sleep via IV medications, so they let my period of mania run its course until I finally fell asleep for six hours.  Last night was a good example of what I deal with.  I went to bed at 12:30 am after taking my nighttime medications, and the last time I saw the clock before falling asleep, it was 2:30 am.  I woke up at 4:15 am, and I am up for the day.  Per doctor's orders, I will lay down to rest my body around 1:30 to 3:00 pm, but I know I do not normally fall asleep for an actual nap.  This therapy combined with adjusting my daily medications, adjusted according to how I assess my mental state, helps to prevent more frequent breakouts of mania, where I do not sleep at all for days.  Those still occur, far too often than the VA psychiatrists like to see.  That is why they have thrown their hands up, and I was approved for the Veterans Choice program to see Bipolar Specialists outside of the VA. What I am looking for is feedback critiquing my logic and plans for becoming a useful member of society and becoming self-employed: barriers, suggestions; anyone having prior similar experiences, etc...
    • Still haven't heard from the NOVA lawyer, but called his office, lady said that emailing him goes to a general inbox, which he gets to when he can.  I gave her a little rundown, and she said she would email him to look at me emails. Checked ebennies, just for shits and giggles.  Saw that my "entitlement" claim and EED were no longer listed. Checked the dates of SC for my disabilities, saw that the SC date for my feet has been changed to 03/01/2006!!!!! So, now I wait to see what the retro $ looks like.  Still haven't told my wife about the entitlement claim change, or anything else pertaining to this.  Cautiously hopeful...could be a really good summer...  
    • Yesterday afternoon on what was a really bad physical day for me I got a call from my lawyer, asking me if I had received anything from the Dept of Veteran Affairs...I said no I hadn't checked my mail yet.  He had received a Summary of Case pertaining to my appeal. He said it stated I was rated at 70% for a mental health condition and it went on to say the total amount and the amount withheld for him my lawyer. He was very pleased. However, I was confused. I wasn't sure why it was only about one condition I assumed maybe all the other conditions were differed as I have heard has happened to other Veterans. I checked the mail box on my way out and read through everything in a parking lot and that same feeling from four years ago came back to me, I was denied on all of my physical conditions for a second time, after the Decision Review Officer pretty much told me my case seemed to be clear cut. With the SOC a form 9 was sent. For the denial each one stated that the examiner said my condition was less than likely caused by my time in service and that the condition should get better. My lawyer said he was going to review the SOC when he got a copy. I know I will need a really good IMO or IME that will show the problems I have still bother me and have not gotten better, I just I don't know. It feels like they gave me a large rating on their hiccup and decided to skip the rest. (For anxiety and depression my C&P examiner said I did have a mental health condition rated at 10% but I was denied in the end without being given a reason)  I know I should be happy about my win but it has been really difficult for me. My husband (also a Veteran) who has not supported me in my fight with the VA is beyond thrilled about all this. I tried to explain to him that it's not about the money it's about getting treated for my conditions that are service connected.  The summary of case I received says the decision was made on July 20th, I didn't get anything that says what my current rating will be but being already 30% I reckon I'll be bumped up to 80% Nothing on E Benefits has changed, it still shows that my appeal is open. Does that happen often?  Would anyone be able to tell me if I will be getting a new copy of my AB8 or is that something I'll have to call in for?  I haven't gotten any retro yet but I'm not worried about when that will happen what I would like some insight on is when I'll start receiving the new increase, if the award was decided on July 20th would that be early enough to begin getting the new increased award amount in August? Little Timeline Discharged in June 2010 claim filed previous month July 2012 denied all conditions approved for TB September 2012 NOD filed August 2013 VA deleted my NOD and a new one was immediately filed they claimed it was done wrong lawyer error September 2015 DRO face to face at ATL RO July 20th 2016 decision made Thanks for reading, Natalie
    • I personally would never correct a C&P examiner no matter how bad or incomplete I thought it was going.  I too, had a C&P where the examiner should have measured a scar, but didn't.  So, when they tried to rate, they couldn't and I had to go to a second C&P for measurement.   When I got my decision (a win), the second examiner added a claim for acne, which was service connected.  Which I never claimed, but he found in my med record. FWIW, the second examiner was better than the first, but you don't get to choose, and its a lottery, but, Telling someone how to do thier job, especially in the VA where your claim can go away for a long while, is probably not a good idea. But you can diss-agree (NOD) and thats fair game, because thats the way they play,  Or reopen with new evidence, as I have done. Hamslice  

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Denied Ptsd?

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You can find the exact verbage under the "Success" forum. However, my question is this: I was denied for PTSD/depression due to no evidence of current disability. Not sc, no 0% under what they decided on. BUT on another page it says I am sc'd for adjustment disorder with depressed mood for purposes of treatment as I was diagnosed with PTSD/depression in 2001. (joined in 1999) I have never seen any diagnosis of adjustment d/o in my medical records so this must be something the c&p dr said. However, what does this mean? I have not even a 0% rating in my paperwork for this - but I can be seen for it? They gave it to me based on my C&P but denied my claim? Can anyone shine light on what their thinking is and what this means? Should I NOD? I haven't been seen except once since separating, just trying to handle life on my own. I know I need medication- this process is proof of that. I just don't understand what it means? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Sounds like treatments for medical purposes only. Not an sc condition. This is a new thing for gulf war vets who need treatment for mental issues even if cant be seen for anything else. Don't quote me on it. Read the rating decision and see if it says for medical treatment only

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If you're truly suffering from PTSD get treatment asap. Find out what your treating doctors are calling it if not PTSD. Work on your stressor letter and gather evidence. You should start PTSD treatment then file NOD.

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It seems to me the VA is saying you do not have a current DX of PTSD or Depression because the VA can't find any current evidence of your having it. Read up on symptoms of PTSD and see if what you told the VA matches those symptoms. If you told them that every time you hear a loud noise you flashback to combat then the VA is just trying to play a game with you. Do you have any combat medals or badges? You need the stressors and you need the current symptoms. The stressors have been relaxed but what you get is the kind of crap you got with the VA pretending they don't see symptoms.


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It isn't just VA doctors but all doctors. They're funny on what they call your condition. Some might call it PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, or some other condition.

Do an online quiz to see if you have PTSD. Take that to your mental health doctor and say, "see this test? I think I have PTSD." You have to remember it is important to get the correct diagnoses. PTSD or not your number one goal should be treatment. Hang in there.

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I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression in the military. Was on Prozac and went through years of therapy sessions. Since separating I have had to work full time, and over time as the economy is terrible & my ex doesn't pay child support so it's all on me. I am goint to start therapy again. Having more frequent bad days. I told the C&P dr. that I can't sit with my back to the door, I have had panic attacks due to boxes on side of road (WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!!!) etc. The letter says they see where I was diagnosed with PTSD in the military, but that basically since I'm not being treated currently they wont SC. Not even 0%? But they sc'd for purposes of treatment. I don't know. I am going to start seeing a psych. and start complaining instead of carrying all of this around in me..my family will appreciate it. and then I will NOD. I just don't know why they didn't give me 0%. THey gave me 0% for restless leg syndrome, and I'm not being treated for that currently. (makes no sense what they sc'd and what they didn't) I was in therapy for YEARS. I have a combat ribbon. My diagnosis throughout treatment was PTSD & depression.

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