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  1. You are right. They rated me for bladder injury, which should be rated under voiding dysfunction. In ebenefits it lists interstitial cystitis status post TVT for urinary incontinence. Voiding dysfunction doesn't have a rating schedule for 30%? Not sure why this was even applied? Waiting on my envelope so I can start filing the Form 9. Love your quote, BTW. Thank you!
  2. My NOD never made it to BVA (that I know of). It was transferred from my RO (St. Pete) to Fargo RO and the review officer called me, set up a C&P, and then made a decision to overturn. (Va.gov said: "Veterans Benefits Administration agreed with you and overturned their initial decision"). I am seeing a VA urogyn. who is treating my IC. I had the best of the best (one who was conducting IC research at Shands until his grant ran out and the VA picked him up), but he retired in 2017. I had to start using catheters in 2015. The cocktail I mix up to instill in my bladder was designed by him. It helps...but it burns like hell. The only issue I do not have with GERD is weight loss (sigh). But I have every single other one. Frustrating. I recently signed up for DAV representation and did POA on ebenefits, expecting the fight was not over.. I will call them and set up an appointment to see if they can get my C&P exam results and if we have any recourse here. Thank you so much for your guidance.
  3. Comp. filed 4/2015. C&P 8/2015 Denied 12/2015 NOD filed 12/2015 8/2018 NOD sent to FARGO RO from St. Pete due to backlog 11/11/2018 New C&P 11/30/18- APPEAL COMPLETE IN EBENEFITS VA.Gov showed Appeal Granted The Veterans Benefits Administration has agreed with you and overturned the previous denial. 12/4/18 - EBENEFITS AB8 updated (at 6 p.m.) to reflect increase rating from 60% to 70%. Ebenefits also updated SC list at this time to reflect new SC'd conditions So, from this I see they combined my IC with my already SC'd TVT bladder sling/incontinence, which was rated 20% and now that they have combined the issues it is 30% even though I have to cath. twice daily and instill bladder medications that I have to draw up and combine myself.The C&P examiner said I use appliances, can't hold bladder more than an hour, waking 5-6 time at night for bathroom, etc. Isn't that 60% or am I reading that wrong? The GERD (stomach hernia) is rated at 10% even though I have regurgitation, dysphagia, chest pain, and take meds. daily-have for over a decade. (I am already SC'd 0% for anemia as well). I don't know if I should contact the DAV and see about fighting the low ball ratings or not? Where would I even go from here? BVA? I need some advice. Should I just be happy with my "win" and lay down? I really do not understand how they come up with their ratings? No BBE yet. VA.Gov lists the dates as Dec.1, 2015 - Nov. 30, 2018. However, the original claim was filed 4/24/2015, denied 12/1/2015, NOD received 2/8/16. Shouldn't effective date (for retro) be April since the VBA overturned it's original decision(12-1-2015)?
  4. Thank you! As soon as I receive word, I will post an update. I hope they rate me fairly as well, but after dealing with is appeals process...my faith is very low.
  5. Adkins7B, FYI, my ebenefits was updated as appeal complete. Historical Appeals lists it as closed. No updated SC's. The disabilities I was appealing were IC and GERD. I checked VA.gov and saw this: Current Status The Veterans Benefits Administration granted your appeal The Veterans Benefits Administration agreed with you and decided to overturn the original decision. If this decision changes your disability rating or eligibility for VA benefits, you should see this change made in 1 to 2 months. Learn more about the appeals process. This appeal is now closed The disabilities (two) they granted are: Stomach hernia and Bladder Injury (Not GERD or IC....but maybe their terms best fit the criteria?) Anyway, neither of those two granted conditions are in my disability list on EBENE. Letters aren't updated either. So, while I know they have been granted...I wait for the letter or someone in ebenefits to update the system. Good luck to you! Hope my timeline helps you.
  6. It also says, "Appeal of your December 2015 Claim Decision - Granted" Now I have to wait to find out what their actual decision is...
  7. Yes, I appealed the original SOC that stated I was not service connected. That was back in 2015. My case was transferred from St. Pete VRO in June of this year to Fargo VRO. I spoke with the case manager in August who set up another C&P, which I completed on Nov. 11th. Ebenefits on Tues. said "Appeal Pending - Statement of Case" and another blurb receiving my form 9 and about sending documents to the BVA (I posted about this earlier in the week). Thurs. I called Peggy who told me to hang tight for my VA letter and call them again in a week or so if I had not received an update. When I logged in the ebenefits to see if there was an updated letter I saw "Appeal Complete". No letter or updated SC. So, I logged into VA.gov, which said " Current Status The Veterans Benefits Administration granted your appeal The Veterans Benefits Administration agreed with you and decided to overturn the original decision. If this decision changes your disability rating or eligibility for VA benefits, you should see this change made in 1 to 2 months.
  8. So, last Tues. I logged in to ebenefits and saw they had sent me an SOC for my appeal. My appeal then moved to "Your form 9 has been received we are gathering ...to send to BVA". Anyway, I called the 800# where a kind man told me to keep checking ebenefits and wait to go to the DAV as more information on how to proceed should be updated soon. I checked today and it said "APPEAL CLOSED" in my disabilities it showed no changes and the two issues I am appealing "Not service connected", which it has stated since I filed the claim in 4/2015. I decided to check VA.GOV. It shows my appeal is complete and BOTH issues have been granted. However, they are listed under "stomach hernia and bladder injury" (Neither of these are listed in E-benefits). It says I will have to wait 1-2 months if there is to be a change in my disability rating... Will this information be in the SOC ebenefits said they were sending earlier in the week?
  9. Doc25, I will keep fighting. Ebenefits changed to Appeal complete with no change in my status (IC and GERD still show "not service connected"). I am guessing I was denied again. I will have to file the form 9 and keep pushing on. The GERD I have no idea how they can deny, because I have EGD results and medical records of visits for this condition and proof of history of medications, plus been treated from VA since separating from service in 2009. The IC, I have service records for painful urination and incontinence. I had a cystoscopy in service just prior to my TVT bladder sling (which I am SC'd for), but I do not have those results in my records. It really makes zero sense what the VA chooses to deny and grants. I am 0% for restless leg syndrome, which the VA happened to find in my service records and added to my initial claim in 2009 (it was not one I was petitioning for at the time). Thank you for your input and encouragement. This process is truly disheartening. I have recently given POA to the local DAV, and will set up a meeting with them once I get the SOC.
  10. Thank you all. I know this will be difficult to be SC'd for, but I believe I should have (and would have) been diagnosed in service if they knew anything about painful urination or painful bladder syndrome back then. They just treated me with medication and antibiotics back then. The specialist at the VA ( who had been working with Shands from a grant to study IC) told me this has likely been my issue all along. I now have to cath twice daily. I will continue the fight until I can't fight any more. I called the 800 # today and he told me to disregard the "We have received your form 9", because he said he does not see this in his system. He advised that I continue to call back for status updates and wait on the SOC before turning it over to the DAV.
  11. Still fighting....had a second C&P exam Nov. 11th. and now movement in ebene.(see below) I'm guessing they have denied me again despite my evidence and being on Prilosec all these years...unbelievable. I have just signed up for representation through DAV as I have been doing all of this myself up until this point. I have completed the POA for them...I will call them and see what they can tell.. Table of Claims Latest Progress Status Description Received 03/02/2016 Appeal Pending - Statement of the Case (SOC) VA has received your Form 9 and will begin completing final actions regarding your appeal before it is sent to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Date not available
  12. Hello all. I have been appealing a decision I was given on a compensation claim in 2015. Today I checked ebenefits and the message changed: Table of Claims Latest Progress Status Description Received 03/02/2016 Appeal Pending - Statement of the Case (SOC) VA has received your Form 9 and will begin completing final actions regarding your appeal before it is sent to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Date not available This change occurred 11/26/2018. I had a C&P exam for this appeal on November 11th and mailed in all my supporting documentation. The issues are interstitial cystitis (only service records I have were for multiple visits of painful urination, but to my knowledge this disease is relatively new and unstudied..so it's not something anyone in service would have diagnosed 15 years ago) and GERD (diagnosed in service and treated since service with medication). I have been told SOC's are only for denials. So does this mean my claims have been denied again? When I requested the BVA review I don't remember if I asked for teleconference or not...I have done all of my own claims, but I recently requested representation (POA) by DAV. Any advice about the status change in Ebenefits? My rating has not changed in there, nor have any documents... My case was transferred from St.Pete -RO to FARGO due to backlog, and that is who ordered my C&P exam. When the examiner from Fargo called, she told me if she was unable to grant my claims she recommended I get with a VSO to represent me moving forward. So, anyone have experience with this stage of the game? I am service connected: TVT - 20% Hyst. - 30% Migraines - 30% Anemia -0% Dry eyes - 0% Allergic rhinitis-0% Rectocele - 0% Restless leg syndrome - 0%
  13. I filed a claim for GERD in April of this year. I had a C&P last month. I loaded medical records from service of an upper GI that was done and the reason it was ordered according to the medical form filled out by the doctor was "DYSPHAGIA HX GERD" . I just received my denial letter stating "the medical evidence of record fails to show that this disability has been clinically diagnosed". I don't know what more I could have sent to them to prove this was diagnosed in service? I have been treated by the VA since I got out of the military in 2009 with Prilosec daily, and still have some days when the reflux is terrible. I sleep with 5 pillows under me so that my head is elevated to keep the acid from waking me up. Just wondering what I should do now to appeal? I found some medical evidence today that was not included when I filed this claim where I was seen for a cold, but it shows my medications of prilosec at that time (2004), and others show I was taking Prilosec, Tums, and that list problem list of GERD. I cannot find the medical note where I was diagnosed with GERD, but I have been treated for it since I was in service, and the scope showed an irregular Z-line which the doctor explained to me after the procedure was likely due from my history of reflux. Any advice?
  14. Timeline on my retro in FL in case anyone is curious on timeframes for secondary SC: Filed claim: 24 Apr. 2015 Up and down the progress chain back and forth for three months, until 5 Aug. 2015 when Preparation for Decision.(again) ebenefits showed increased rating: 7 Aug. 2015 Retro direct deposited: 18 Aug. 2015 White envelope received: 19 Aug. 2015 Two items deferred, pending VA exams. Totally happy with the speed at which this was decided. Helps to underline, highlight, and connect all the dots for them.
  15. SemperAye, Just wanted you to know I posted in the "success" forum. I found out today I am rated 60%, with two contentions (the ones I added after my C&P, GERD and IC) still deferred. Not seeing any information on retro yet, but wanted to let you know. I hope you have gotten good news and haven't got back to let us know yet. :) Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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