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  1. The last time I was on this site I left with a very bad feeling ( almost an insult). However I am going to ask this one time in hopes for an answer to my question. I did try contacting Chris Attig as well as other sources and never was able to speak to anyone. If there is a way to speak with someone regarding my issue could someone be so kind as to provide me with it?? I think Miss Berta could answer my question but not sure she would want to. I have called the VA 800 number and they knew nothing about what I was asking. Hope i might get some positive kind response today. Thanks, Ann Bracey
  2. VA denied my claim for EED. My grant for SC for cause of death as well as DIC was granted 8 years after husband's death. ( have included this information before). I know the VA Law says with claim reopened the effective date is the date it was reopened. Now I must decide if I should appeal again or file a new claim going back to when my husband first was diagnosed with condition that caused his death. I feel like because he was Veteran served on Koret Air Base on perimeter the date should be 2010 which is date VA recognized these Vets were exposed to AO. Appeal or file new claim is my question. Help??? Ann Bracey
  3. I would like to know how these procedures applicable to administrative appeals could apply to my appeal for EED, if any. Thanks!
  4. Help Me Ms. Berta??

    BroncoVet and Buck52 have given me 2 different dates to file my Form 9. When you have a minute would you take a look??


    1. Ann Bracey

      Ann Bracey

      BVA Decision May 10, 2018  Rating Decision May 22, 2018  Notification Letter June 21, 2018  SOC date is 02/05/2019  Do I have more than 60 days to file??  Thank you


    2. Ann Bracey

      Ann Bracey

      As you know death in family causes issues as well as health issues for me. I am planning to file as soon as possible but if it has to go in 2 days I am going to have to hustle!  Please advice me???  SOON???

    3. Ann Bracey

      Ann Bracey

      Is there a number I can call if I need a little more time??

  5. I too have lost my brother, Berta, in January. He passed suddenly in VA Community Living Center Bill Hefner Salisbury, NC. He had resided there for 13 years and I was so blessed for his care. All who worked with him loved him so much. As his fiduciary there was a lot to be done and still not completed. I decided to allow attorney to handle his estate to lessen the burden on me. Sorry for your loss. Ann Bracey
  6. Hi Berta,

    Would you please take a look at what I posted with response to Broncovet. I would love your opinion as well as advice. 

    Ann Bracey

    1. Ann Bracey

      Ann Bracey

      As soon as possible please?

  7. Would you please look at my last 2 questions ? I would greatly appreciate your advice.Thanks so much! Ann

    1. Ann Bracey
    2. broncovet


      Ann...  I responded to both your topics titled, "Effective date" and "My SOC".  Hope this helps.  Loyal Blair, aka Broncovet.

  8. Before I file Form 9 I would like as many answers to this as possible. Since I was granted DIC and SC for husband's death, I am after an earlier effective date . I know the effective date of 2012 was made because I reopened with Nexus letter that was not in C-File when husband died in 2010. The letter from doctor had treated my husband from 2006-2007. The first denied claim for SC was made in 2011 and the evidence includes VA Form 21-534 received 2010. After my long awaited hearing in 2017 finally granted DIC and SC for death May 2018 with effective date of 2012 when reopened. Should effective date not be 2010??
  9. I am back. In my SOC it says plainly that VA Form 21-534 dated 2010 under Evidence. Is this not to believe that the effective date of my DIC should be 2010? Where in the M21-1MR manual does it address this? Thanks Ann
  10. Berta, thank you for your sweet reply. Just had to come back and ask you one more thing. I began receiving death benefits in 2010 when Mike passed. Why would effective date go at least back to 2009 or 2010? Thank you!
  11. Well, I feel like I have hit a brick wall..... knowing this is the intent of the VA! This is probably redundant but assuming all here are familiar with redundancy. My entire situation was made more difficult due to my own condition. (Multiple Sclerosis) In 2009 I went to VSO in Rowan County, NC and filed for service connection which was denied 2011 after Mike died 2010. Appealed 2011 decision which was denied in 2012. It took me until December 2017 to get hearing for service connection cause of death. Granted May 2018 cause of death and DIC. No where in C-File was there reference to claim filed in 2009. I want to thank all who have tried to help me and provided me with information. Having 2 brothers who are 100% I had to assist our mother fight VA for both. Had I know what I have learned here the fight may have been easier. Now I am very stressed and tired. I submitted my NOD for EED, received in Janesville, WI. Now, I wait again . Thank you all very much! Ann
  12. Would you take a look at my question just posted???

  13. Every time I am on this site I forget to ask this question. When my husband was diagnosed with the condition in 2003 and died from 2010, he was totally mentally as well as physically unable to file a VA Claim as well as stay on his job. Had I not inquired and pushed for assistance from the VA it would have never happened! Due to the severity of his illness and inability to do these things would the VA not have taken this into consideration when first denying claim for service connection??? Would really like some replies! Thanks!!
  14. Can anyone provide me with phone contact for this office? Also, fax sent to Janesville, WI and how to find out if it was received? When faxed it said "Yes" received.
  15. The C-File I finally received in 2018 does not include information that was electronically through IRIS back in 2009 ? What information and how far back should information be included in claims file?
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