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    • Buck, Hope the biopsy comes back clean, And good luck if you have the surgery.  Don't put that off (like my Dad), it don't get better with age. Hamslice    
    • I don't think civilians understand VA disability.  They lump it in with SSDI and Insurance disabilities.  Not the same. The VA comp is the difference between when you signed up and when you left service.  They bought you at 100%.  You either retire (or leave) at 100% or they pay the difference. A total guess, but your 40% could be from limited Range of Motion, or even required bed rest. How riding a bike or playing volleyball a investigator could determine your ROM, etc., would be a good read. I would imagine your disability(s) are static, which means permanent (almost, I know, but I say permanent) I wonder how many phone calls the VA gets from civilians questioning a Veteran's compensation? I would not worry, Hamslice    
    • Glad she is your X. Sounds like a WJ1..Whack Job first class. The VA is not stalking you.   J
    • Buck, My prayers are sent your way and wish you the best!!  Thomas
    • I call bs also.  We used to regularly get hadit newbies trying to get information on how to game the system.  They quickly learned no such information was available here; and left just as quickly. It cannot be stressed enough that veterans be completely honest with their claims! It is perfectly legitimate to describe your average, or even your worse day, as opposed to your best day when discussing your condition; but it isn't alright to make up or grossly exaggerate your condition(s).  Once awarded, everyone should read the award letter very carefully!  Cross reference your awarded rating with the rating schedule in order to clearly understand exactly what you were awarded and why.  The degree of occupational and social impairment is critical!  We are not being compensated for our diminished quality of life.  We are being compensated for our diminished capacity to gain and maintain employment at the national poverty level or above. If you are in better medical and/or mental condition than your rating, the VA will get around the discovering that information through regular medical exams and C&P exams.  Until a vet has his/her rating continuously for 20 years, no rating is permanent and total. This is especially true with TDIU and total ratings for mental health. In many cases, it does not matter if you are being paid for what you are doing-the fact that you are capable of doing what you are doing matters. History repeats itself. Several years after the end of our involvement in Vietnam, the American taxpayers became aware of the huge cost of treating and compensating damaged veterans.  They didn't want to pay the bill, so they didn't.  As a consequence, veterans suffered and died alone and silent.  It is estimated that the cost of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans will exceed 5 trillion dollars over their lifetimes.  The taxpayers will not want to pay that bill either; and they won't.  So, once again, veterans will suffer and die, but hopefully not alone and with the internet-not silent.  If the newer generations of vets make enough noise, maybe those taxpayers can be shamed into honoring their obligations,  I wouldn't bet the farm on it.  


Obama Care

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I am fully covered by the Dept of VA. Are there any benefits to enrolling into additional health care coverage? Just asking because I received a letter from the VA today asking me if I want to enroll. What are the pluses to enrolling into additional coverage's, and how does enrolling int additional coverage's affect a Veteran's current coverage?

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It is a form letter sent to most vets who use VA. No changes to Veterans care as it is not effected by the New Healthcare laws.


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Are there any benefits to enrolling into additional healthcare coverages?

Curious because I usually use the VA for all of my health care needs, but I am thinking of enrolling in Medicaid/Medicare for additional coverages where the VA lacks-i.e. hospitals in the local area. I like my benefits the way they are now. I just don't want to lose any coverage from the VA if I pick up an additional carrier. Does anyone know what kind of affect adding an additional insurance will have on my VA Healthcare plan? Thanks.

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But those of use stuck in limbo can get any help for our dependents!!!! I can't wait for 2016....

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Its my understanding that if you get VA coverage it will not be easy to enroll in Obamacare.

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One benefit of having multiple coverages: VA and civilian health insurance medicaid etc, is that you have a doctor choice. With exclusively VA care, you are limited to practitioners who work under VA rules. If you are a civilian, you can go to any doctor, and seek the best docs in his field. Many VA docs are from foreign countries and many do not even speak English as their first language. I can understand about half of what my VA docs say, so how am I ever going to comply with "doctors orders" when I dont even know what they are???

Sadly, "doctor choice" isnt possible for many Vets. They have no choice but to go to VA. My wife, who is eligible for Champva And VA, gets far, far better health care than I do, as a Vet. Why? She can go to any doc, (VA or non VA) and get it paid either by VA or Champva. I dont have that option, I must go to the doc VA says I have to go to, whether he is my "favorite" doc or not.

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