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  1. I certified to bva in 2014 hearing in 2015 and award 3 of 4 with 4th remanded in 2018
  2. Hi BakerGeckos, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Your donation includes 1 month of ad free viewing. If you prefer the ad free view, you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription. Thanks Tbird/VA Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - Veterans
  3. Well I am reporting back took this to The BVA and 5 years from start to ruling I won my case. Now back to RO to rate....
  4. SSOC Issued I guess It's off to the BVA - Wish me luck. I hope it doesn't take the time I think it will be oh well....Hurry UP and Wait is the game.
  5. I guess but the statement I saw wasn't favorable
  6. I realize I should have gone to a specialist but around here there are like 6 or 7 and none are willing to write one without being a regular patient. My old doctor is a board certified internalist for 35+ years. In this case we are dealing with liver issues that's SC'ed aggravating or causing Diabetes Type 2. If you search the Web and published articles NAFLD and NASH can cause diabetes but the doctors here deny it.....In fact I believe the lay evidence I submitted is your three times more likely to get diabetes and/or insulin resistance that later results in Diabetes. My old doctor agreed and wrote a medical opinion after all he did all my workup on my liver and later my DM until his retirement. I hope it's enough it's all I got right now and no where else to go in town without trying to get a IMO somewhere else at some distance away...
  7. I did the blue button today and see that the regional office consulted C&P to discredit the IMO I got from my now retired primary care doctor who's now practicing at a local area clinic... C&P done without my knowledge is trying to use two other doctors from specialty clinics to discredit the now retired VA doctor's opinion .... I have filed my form 9 with his IMO so I have a feeling I'll be getting a SSOC and certified for BVA....
  8. Effective 9/4/14 10/1/14 first payment 11/1, 12/14 and 1/1/15 so three months back pay is what I would expect..
  9. I voted I don't use it as I view the site on a mobile device and don't see it...
  10. Everything is rated separately but it's when VA math kicks in they add them all up sounds like 50% then take 10% of that and it gets added to the scheduled never see the "Bilateral factor" in the sheets but it may be there....someone else may jump in but that's how I see understand it..
  11. Ok here are the rules and to be honest I didn't know the 5 year rule... 5 year rule: If the rating has been in effect for 5 years, it cannot be reduced unless your condition has improved on a sustained basis (The VA must have documentation supporting this is a permanent improvement). 10 year rule: A service connected disability rating cannot be terminated if it has been in effect for 10 years. Compensation can bereduced if evidence exists that the condition has improved. The sole exception is if the VA can prove fraud, in which case the VA can terminate the benefits. 20 year rule: If the rating has been in effect for 20 years, it cannot be reduced below the lowest rating it has held for the previous 20 years. The only exception is if the VA can prove fraud. 100% rule: The VA must prove your medical situation has materially improved and as a result, you are able to perform substantial work
  12. And the 20 year rule is the one where they can't reduce your rating you have held for 20 years...
  13. PR I thought that was the 10 year rule...
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