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  1. How goes bud?  Sorry been kind of well kind of screwed up, but still hanging.  How are things going in your claims, stuff, and health?

  2. The 100% is p&t. I already picked up my deers card. As for the computer they said if I still had the boxes I could return it but I don't and it has personal information on it so I would rather keep it.
  3. I received a call from the VA about my complaint. They have assigned me to a new rep and they said they did some retraining. So they probably told her that I complained and that they were just going to give me to someone else. I then talked to my new rep and I proceeded to tell him I was dropping the training now that I am 100%. He said that I would have to pay for the computer and reimburse for this month's stypment pay and that in a couple of months they will send me out a letter asking for a check or I'd I want it to come out of my disability pay. So the final is I AM DONE WITH THE DISABILITY PART OF THE VA!!!
  4. Update. Yesterday I received a letter informing me that due to the amount of people enrolled in vocation rehabilitation I will no longer be working with my rep and I have been assigned to a new one. This was sent by the rep that I complained about. I guess that is all that will happen. Does anyone know if I will have to return my computer now that I am 100% and no longer qualify nor want to do the retraining. If they don't take it back will I have to pay for it?
  5. I put in an increase on February 10th for my knees and they granted an increase. They also granted connection for my hips that I put in March of last rear and the back pay is 6 months worth.
  6. I just received my back pay. My finding was for 2/10/15 and it is now 4/20/15 but I got paid 6 months back pay. Is this correct or did they screw up. Some of my claims are from March last year but most that pushed me to the 100% was from February of this year. Do they pay a minimum of 6 months back pay? Thank you Confused diver
  7. I spoke with the assistant director of the Seattle RO and he stated that I probably will be dropped from vocational rehabilitation. I believe that it's the right thing to do. This money will pay for another vet that has got to work to have a fighting chance. I just don't know if they are going to have me stop now or let me finish the quarter. If they stop me now they can save about 2 thousand. But sense they already bought me the school, computer, books, and supplies so maybe they will have me complete the quarter.
  8. I received a fallow up call on my email of March from the assistant director of the Seattle RO and he confirmed that I am indeed now 100% P&T. So it is official. I am concerned about my rating because I am to start physical therapy on my back through the VA and I am afraid that if I do it through them and my back gets a little better that the VA will revoke my P&T. I think that I will not do it just to be safe. I know my back will still be bad but I don't trust them. I will Google the stretches and do it my self. Also does anyone know a website that lists all the benefits that you get with the DEERs cards? And for that matter any benefits. I know the state and most of the VA but I know there are a lot of companies out there that give discounts to 100% only. Thanks diver
  9. Does anyone know if now that I am 100% will the VA drop me from voc rehab? I don't mind if they do at 90% I could not pay bills but know I can.
  10. Yes if you are P&T you get more benefits from the VA and state. You also have no more C&P exams. I now get the DEERs id for px and commissary use and champ VA for my family. If you are just 100% and not P&T you do not get the extra benefits and you have other exams scheduled.
  11. I thought the same as you but I just kept fighting and pushing for the secondary issues to be accepted and now I am there. Thank you all for all the help over this time of struggle. It was a blessing to have the support of you.
  12. Thank you all! I sent an email to the ro asking her if this was correct and she said yes. She also sent me an electronic copy of my letter to prove it. This is correct I am 100% P&T.
  13. Thank you I've been holding my breath to long.
  14. Thank you everyone. I won't be able to believe it until I get the packet
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