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  1. It's been years for me when this site was just a chat room back in 2000 we had nothing no lawyers bad advise slow oh so slow so I found this site and thanks to T BIRD and a few others I went out on my own filed my own claim did the paper work answered all the questions went before review boards at the RO and slowly I was awarded 30 then 50 then 80% and at that time they awarded me tdiu . Than I filed for social security and they did send me out to a head dr. and a few others oh and had the judge tell me to my face he opted not to believe my doctors statements or any thing the VA had to say./ I am just saying there is a lot of wrong doing out there with this system but in the end I burned all my money sources out and almost lost my home but I was awarded after obtaining a lawyer social security disability . long winded I know but I wanted to thank tbird and any one else from back then and let them know I made it . Now my new battle will be to see if there going to let me have implant supported dentures lol we shall see. Best wishes sorry for getting off topic but if your 80% and not working you should have no problem. But you cant work or your not tdiu and if you get it then you still can't work at all unless your 100% total I know its nuts but it works like that for them. 100% scheduler can work some but not some one on tdiu its ok with social security but if you do then you will lose your tdiu hope this helps in some way. JB
  2. NO you need to be 80% to get tdiu < am old I may be wrong
  3. I am 70% ptsd and 20% Dibetic so have TDIU at 100% compensation . I think I need a new lawyer but I shall push on. Just does not seem right that a judge can just discount the testemony of a MD. Maybe the review board will see it different this time. Thanks for all the advise.
  4. Well, the brown envelope came today but for the second time I have been turned down at the ALJ This time the judge says"he is giving little weight to what my VA dr. had to say about my Condition. The first time I went that judge said"he opted not to beleave'' my then civilian DR> In his report he stated that I am not creditable , I guess at the hearing he asked me if I was in the service and If I were in Nam . I told him 3years and yes I was there. He asked if I seen action . I said" rocket attacks , ambush rocktet attacks abush" <just like that. In his report he states "I did not mention sniper that I had mentioned in a 2001 Va Report he read someplace. SO I guess thats why he finds me not creditable. Hell there are alot of things I did not mention about my time there but is that a reason to say that about me! Bastard! He did agree I have PTSD but he says its not that sevear. I think this guy was using a viberating butt plug. :D
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