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  1. well they lied. 62 days in rating now. the 17th has came and passed. gets more depressing by the day.
  2. Papa - I have heard of many cases like that! Talk about a breach in privacy! Ironically the person that was working my claim and gathering the information from the other hospitals left her phone number in there....I should have called her! But I just called the 1800 number and they told me that the raters have that information but they cannot include it in copies of my C-File through the mail due to the nature of my PTSD. I have copies of all of my mental health records. I was worried that the raters would not be able to see that information...ugh! they should have put a note in there that they have my MH records but couldn't send them through the mail the turds!
  3. I just called the 1800 and they told me that the raters have access to see that information but they don't include it in my C-File due to the nature of my PTSD and it going through the mail. I have copies of all of my medical records from the VA MH but I was worried that the raters would not be able to see them but according to the 1800 they do have access. hmmmm....
  4. I can't believe it! All of this time! in my claim i specificaly stated that i was a patient at the CBOC and to obtain those records as well as the hospitals (non VA) - which the non VA hospitals were in my C-file....
  5. I got my C-file in a box yesterday and NONE of my mental health VA notes are in it...there is my SMR, DD 214, past claims and some of my VA primary care notes but no mental health notes.....shouldn't those be in there also?
  6. I got my C-File in a box today. NONE of my mental health records from the VA are in it. things from my primary care are in there from the VA but none from mental health. why is that?
  7. On my weekly call to the 1800 (peggy) I was informed yesterday by a very helpful woman that my claim should be done before the end of the month and that it "appears" that they have all the evidence that they need. She was also very nice and went further to explain that this is my 2nd time being at the rating stage for this claim. So everything is as it should be since 1/17/12 would be the 60 day mark that my claim went into rating. I am keeping my fingers crossed. on a seperate note - I have a meeting with the SSDI lawyers on monday to start that battle of appeals.
  8. you can also check the monday morning report on the VA website to get an idea of the number of inital claims submitted to your RO. Don't get discouraged if you see that your claim goes back a stage for more evidence...when your claim goes to rating it says on eben that national ave is 16 to 28 days....don't count on that. mostly when it is in decision phase it's more around 60 to 67 days and a 6 day mailing. which usually you will get the direct deposit before you get the notification in the mail. but if you call "peggy" (the 1800 number) they will tell you what your average wait time is at your RO.
  9. TDUI claims take the same as most claims. I understand what you are going through as I am also in the same boat. when you filed for your increase they should have awarded you TDUI on that claim - but you can request it at anytime which is what it looks like you did. So now what they have to do is basically re-open your claim and look through everything all over again. I know how frustrating and depressing it is. I sent in my claim in Dec 2010 and am still waiting. I was denied SSDI and am fighting that. If I were you I would go ahead and file for SSDI also. Don't be stressed if you get denied on your first try, just go though the hoops with them also and get what you are entitled to. When you get SSDI you can send that letter in to your TDUI claim and the VA will take it as evidence. You should be able to get both and you will....it's just demoralizing while you have to wait. You are not alone.
  10. the way it was explained to me was that it protects both...the VA and yourself.
  11. I signed the same "long term narcotic" contract for hydrocodone....funny thing is when I asked my Doc what it was for he explained it as "if you ever get pulled over while on hydrocodone - you have this to back you up." Ironically he took me off hydrocodone and refuses to prescibe it now. Every pain med (non narcotic) that he has prescribed has not worked for the last 2 years. I asked to be placed back on it recently but he refused again because of the psych meds, saying "because of your PTSD and depression ect, you are more apt to become an addict." So now I just take my other meds and live with the constant pain.
  12. I agree also that it is probably a mistake. I would get ahold of your VSO that helped you with your claim and ask them or when you check in for your therapy ask the PSA to double check it in their computer also. They (if they are like mine) are really helpful and can also get you the number to call and who you should speak to if they don't just do it on your behalf.
  13. oh yes! people are so ignorant when it comes to that. if they can't see anything physically wrong with you - they ask or assume you are "training" the dog. Fortunately the trainer who trained my pit bull also gave me a slew of lines to tell people. Him, being from NYC, most were sarcasticly humorous but the lines he gave me to combat that aspect work. "yes, i am training it." "it's for seizures", "it's for me and really not any of your business" because if you tell them it's for anxiety or PTSD they want to get into a whole conversation of what it does for you and how it helps. and you will always have the people that want to pet it. i always refuse. even though my pit is the sweetest of the sweet - she is working, not some amusement for passer by's. and they do (the dogs) know the difference when the vest is on - it's work time. when it's off it's play time...But main thing like my trainer told me - do and say what you are comfortable with there is no law that says you have to disclose what it is for, it has a license, a vest, and you are in control of the dog. sounds rude - but it's for a disablity that we have and part of that disablity is not dealing well with people and places out side out "safe spot".
  14. that is OUTSTANDING!!!! Congrats NJ!!!!!
  15. TBird - I am right there with you with the house hanging out! I hole up in my house and peek out the windows. My dog and my kid go everywhere I have to go for the basic necessities which is limited to the gas station, walmart and the VA. if my kid were old enough i would send her in for the things we need. People stop us and ask about my dog and we basically ignore them as rude as it sounds. it's what i have to do to get in and out with out causing a scene or make a spectical of myself. I am excited for you to get your dog! It makes a huge difference in getting out. Only down side I have found is people (as I too am agoraphobic). On the SSA side of the house - I got a lawyer and am going to see what they have to say. the initial chat via phone was hopeful today.
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