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  1. Everytime I go. to download VA letters ( letter generator) this is what I get....we are unable to locate records in VA files indicating eligibility for the VA letters that are provided ...any idea why I get this but I keep reading on here about the ab7, ab8, etc...am I missing something or what...? Thanks for help
  2. C&p in hand for tdiu/ increase for ptsd ...please let me know what your opinions are about my exam...thank you....comments: ptsd chronic: very severe, combat related ...panic disorder with agoraphobia : comorbid with and secondary to ptsd ...madjor depressive disordor, severe, recurrent....axis IV; psychosocial and environmental problems, severe...axis V; gaf 40.............which of following best summarize vets occupational and social impairment. ?....total occupational and social impairment .....for VA purposes check all symptoms that apply to vets diagnosis ....depressed mood; anxiety;panic attacks weekly or less;near continuous panic or deppression affects ability to function independent, appropriate;chronic sleep impairment ;impaired judgment, difficulty in adapting to streessful circumstances work setting; veteran is capable of managing finances ;claimed conditions is at least as likely as not due to SC conditions;.......panic disorder and major depreessive due to combat related ptsd, chronic. UUUnemployability on sc is caused by a result of combat related ptsd, and secondary disorders. .......so that's the extent....no written paragraph from doc per say with opinion other than what I included above....any and all input greatly appreciated....thanks again...
  3. Thanks halo, for response...my original claim was started in October 2008 for ptsd. I was SC 70% on that claim by decision review officer without assistance in October 2010..my ssd claim was granted in July 2009 based solely on records from VA, and again without assistance ...when I got my claim approved from VA in October 2010 I then filed a claim for tdiu in November 2010(one month later)..that is the claim I am waiting on now...my c&p is scheduled for later this month..forgive me if I wasn't clear on prior posts...me and computers aren't best of friends ...thanks for any input...this whole thing is consuming me...thanks again
  4. My cell is my computer ...don't have the knowledge or patience to figure it out...sorry...I love the feedback but don't know how.
  5. In my rating decision letter for the 70% SC. There was no mention of tdiu consideration ....even though the c&p clearly states there is severe impairment in work and social functioning...is that a big deal or not? I have read here alot that VA should always consider tdiu when the rating is 70% or higher, or atleast make reference to it...they never mentioned it once... something to be concerned with or not?
  6. Thanks.....so the decision is up to VA whether or not to go back the extra year of backpay.....anything I can do to alert VA that I think I should have a eed ......or do I wait to get decision letter and see how far they went...thanks again
  7. When I got rated for 70% I was already getting ssd and the c&p report stated it...if I get p&t or tdiu wouldn't that help me in getting a eed ....not trying to make this difficult, just want to fully understand
  8. 70%sc for ptsd ...ssd for my SC disability only...tdiu claim opened on Nov.2010...c&p scheduled for Jan. 27th...I have read alot here about backpay and how far back they will go if I win my claim for tdiu ....ssd found me to be disabled since 2008...my question is will VA go back the extra year for backpay or only to Nov.2010 (my date of claim)...thanks for any insight
  9. I am 70% PTSD..... I get SSDI that was based only on records from VA....filed for TDIU in Nov.2010....just scheduled for c&p on the 27th of Jan....I also thought I had air tight claim and I am going on 14 months....hang in there, read the advice hear as much as possible ....it has helped me to know I wasn't alone in this matter...bunch of good, genuine, people here....keep your head up..
  10. Thanks TBird for your input.....so what I gathered from you is I ought to wait til I get my c&p report before I check off the box on the paper they sent saying I do/ don't have more info. To submit.. like I said I really don't have anything else.....unless I went for IMO .....whatta you think?.....
  11. C&p scheduled for Jan.27th.....got letter today asking if I had any other info to submit in support of claim for IU.......I don't have anything else other than my treatment records from VA clinic.....they have SSD award letter.....is it worth me getting a IMO or do they have enough.....seems pretty cut and dry....SS found me disabled based on my records from VA.....
  12. Got call today from VARO (Philly ).. to inform me they were scheduling my c&p for I.U....told me I should get letter soon telling me the date.....said once c&p done my claim then goin to rating....atleast the ball is rolling....that's all I ever asked, is for someone to tell me something ...thanks again for any input....happy new year to all....
  13. Thank you......was hoping when heard someone scanned my file meant some knucklehead was actually working on it......should have known better.....THANKS again for your reply VA lady.......
  14. Listen, new here and appreciate immensely all the info. I have received ....thanks to all...not the most patient person in the world, and ihave all the time in the world to check for replies from you all....don't leave house much as I can't cope with knuckleheads out there....I always say there could be 500 people at a grocery store and if there is one ass---- there I can find them....goin to doc on Monday to up my meds as staying home just isn't cutting it anymore....thanks again for all your insight....still don't know what the hell 800 # meant when told my file scanned on Dec.7th...
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