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  1. This doesn’t look good for you. Definitely don’t expect any increase from it. The last of the report will give you an idea what to expect.
  2. I did the 12 week version of it and it does help develop ways to cope. This therapy gets pretty deep so stay strong and make sure you have a good support system at home. I do remember signing something but can’t recall exactly what it was. It could have been a contract but not sure at this time.
  3. I did try to get morning reports and was sent a letter back that there were none. Can’t remember exact wording. I’ll try to find it and let you view it. You see an issue with diagnosis or what with the claim? I have the diagnosis from a VA psychologist and have been doing treatment since 2013. They (VA Psychiatrist) have me on several medications plus they give me drug tests every time I go to BH. Never had a dirty test in my life so maybe it’s protocol. I had a bad c&p for PTSD but he didn’t have access to my files nor did he acknowledge my diagnosis from my psychologist. I don’t know I’m at a loss here. I’m tired of the wear, tear and worry this has added to my family and me. Thanks Berta your advice will always be respected.
  4. It’s a big read but your views and advice are important to me. My attorney says to wait after c&p’s are complete if any but it’s always been a waiting game with them. I feel like they need to be a bit more proactive with this. Thanks.
  5. Could be an approval and a denial but until you get the award letter or confirmation from your VSO we can only speculate.
  6. That is not my case but ya it’s definitely my docket#. The finish date was 05/11/18 so maybe it’s not release for public view yet. I can upload the case if it doesn’t show up soon. I do think your gonna enjoy reading this one.
  7. Latest update to this adventure can be read soon. 15-03-586
  8. Congratulations. So it sounds like you were 30% increased to 60% on the two disabilities so figure up the 30% pay difference back to 2009.
  9. That was quick I hope it goes well for you.
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