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  1. Appeal Under Review

    A medical decision has been made and we are working to process your decision. A Social Security Representative may contact you or your appointed representative directly if we need any additional documents or information. This post 11/29/17 after 11/09/17 ALJ Hearing don’t know quick decision is good are bad still waiting and nervous.  The hard part  is the unknowns thank everyone for their support!!!

    1. Troop51


      Good news too all, received a fully favorable decision within a month. The wait begins for retro and 1st payments.  Thanks too all for supporting  through out this prolong process. Keep Up the Fire!

    2. Prettypantha



      So glad to hear this! I'm still playing the waiting game, although my SSA status said the exact same update, as of December 15th. So, without a doubt I know it will take a few weeks before I get my notification. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Roger that! I didn't like State Doctor tone my kids are my world mother abandoned them a hard fight received them from foster care. Well, I'm nervous I let my lawyer deal w/him I tuck my head down rules you don't argue with Judge/Doctors. I really appreciate your prompt response. The judge was focusing on my hands I told him I've trigger finger excessive sweating pain steaming from my wrist injury. Oh, my what's life if you not suffering the things veterans has to endure.
  3. Hi she rebuttal all his theories because everything was in a theory for him. She told him your State examiner dignois him w/PTSD, the VA Doctors did also, plus his counselor too w/medication. He wasn't bugging via polycom w/no notes to reference from all he kept saying how could I've PTSD dtd in 1991 and sole custody of my kids. The answer to your question no I'm not working. Yes, my doctors said I can't work. Yes, I've got three VA doctors PCP, PSYD, CBOC, plus out source physical therapy doctors for my wrist and back total listing of 25 impairments. I was shocked how he diminished the VA finding. However, I keep my cool didn't take the bait 3x War Veteran Hooah! Just worried about me personally not responding in that climate.
  4. Looking for feedback! At my ALJ Hearing for SSDI the state medical doctor refuted all the finding for PTSD, Anxiety, depression, panic attack, also, he said the medication they given me isn’t sufficiently to support PTSD finding. I’m prescribed 15mg Lexapro by which the VA C&P exams doctor rated me 30% all documented. The reason he said VA doctors don’t diagnose us veterans correct and implied 20/40mg should be given for PTSD symptoms. Ok, yes he said I don’t have PTSD to the ALJ during the Hearing SSDI. Well, my VA PCP doctor submitted documents stating severe PTSD, VA PSYD CBOC submitted documents/treatment for Depression, VA MD CBOC submitted documents/reasons for medicine. The question is who statements carries more weight, someone’s whom never seen/treated me are the team that been treating me over the past 24 months. Yes, I did have a lawyer representing me there.
  5. Thank you for your insight I need all the positive news. Hearing is this month, VA Medical Sources Documented PCP/Mental all favorable stating unable to work multiple disabilities submitted to ALJ Hearing. However, lawyer indicated judge my deny because I'm a single parent w/4kids sole custody. Therefore, I say 32+years of work credits over half of my life I've been employed need I say more about the system 53yrs old Veteran Hooah!
  6. Yes I meet the 5year also filed 100% T&P with SSA I've a hearing with ALJ in November
  7. The answer is yes, I submitted the 100% permanent and total To SSA and DDS caseworker. I meet all requirements work credits and work history 32yrs retired 2015.
  8. I got denied both mental/physical SSDI doctors stated I had impairment anyway appealing is in order.
  9. Can someone tell me what to expect at SSDI examinations appointments. I have a stack of paperwork to give my VA PCP and PSYD to fill out and return to state disability determination examiner for a decision.
  10. I applied for SSDI 100% T&P 50asthma sleep apnea 20L/R Shoulder 30PTSD/Mental combine 10Tinitus 30Fungus 30Skin 20Back etc. I Applied online didn't use lawyer Quick Disability Decision process ongoing. My question is do I've to request a RFC letter complete by my PCP and psych doctor are will the SSA send the form to them. Also, when can I expect a decision render will the VA give them access to my medical file. Thank you for your support Hooah! Application submitted December 21, 2016 I've not work since December 2015
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