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  1. Good show. Sorry only Iraq/Afgan vets were talked about. Think that the 800,000 backlog of claims apply to all eras not just Iraq/Afgan.
  2. Only alerting all Vietnam Veterans to the extra agent orange threat to their life. Not noted by the VA.
  3. Did you recive this in mail? I have not. Found on search of VA site. Does not reflect any updates regarding newer prostate cancer info news reports,science studies, etc.}released Aug 08, regarding positive relation of agent orange to agressive prostate cancer in prostate cancer.
  4. Sorry - should have been "100% awarded Aug 06." Also - residuals were from C&P exam - Sep 06
  5. Hi again -since you asked, I will try to explain - I am no expert and won't go into alot of details. I just reply by my experience - I had vocal cord squamous cell cancer - I was diagnosed in late Dec 05 - I had no idea about filing a claim. By early Jan, I just was surfing the web and found info on presumptive AO conditions. I saw respiratory cancer with larynx listed so I decided to go ahead and file - found the e-file Vonapp and just did it mid Jan. No help just my decision. If I had known better, would have filed immediately in Dec and got anonther month in, but it was okay - anyway just lucky to find info. Claim was awarded 100% Aug 07 - I got retro pay from Jan thru JuJy quickly - one thing I would advise, if you have dependents make sure to file forms for them to be included - it took along time to get the additional for my dependent daughter whom attends university full time. I had radiation treatments - 36 in all - late Jan thru early March - 5 days a week - the initial fitting of a mask was a bummer - after that its just short and quick radiation of neck every weekday. Hope you have nice technicians like I did - they were always friendly and understanding. Thats about all I can tell you - I just want you to know that I am okay now (hopefully). But there are residuals - I have some hoarseness and dysphagia - those are now rated 10% each - hated to lose the 100% but hope no more cancer - overall, received 100% for a year and half. BTW as far as I know your cancer is in larynx so thats the slam-dunk ha ha. Take care and good luck to you.
  6. Hi, strongly suggest you file claim for larynx cancer immediately. You can efile at VA.gov using Vonapp. Do not wait - each month you do not file is a month less of 100% award. As long as you have presumtive, diagnosis, and proof of Vietnam service (DD214), its a slam-dunk. I know because I went thru it in 2006. Best wishes.
  7. I just want to know if these scammers can get VA to give them awards for disabilities.Is it possible for them to dupe the VA?
  8. Not an expert, but suggest u search office of personnel management ----www.opm.gov
  9. Thanks Gary - u have described a job that I had also Automation with the Post Office - DBCS for a postal zone - I am now out of there and retired after 10 years, dont know how I survived - u r right this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a vet - being subjected to management/supervision of unknown origin - this is the worst job in Post Office - u have to do it every working day without any assistance unless u got lucky and had overtime or an extra casuals help - usually never - on ur own u have to accomplish this without any assistance - u have to process more mail than is humanly possible nightly until dawn - u ask for help and get the answer - nobody here to help - then u just do ur best - and usually somehow u get it done - over and over again - never know what will happen when u come to work - they call it a tour - for one nite - I remember tour in Vietnam was one year!! Ya - its almost impossible to complete but u do it - no help, no equipment {GMC's u have to find urself}- no nothing - mail is everywhere - u gotta go find ur zone urself - even its Automated {ha ha}- then they put more and more coming into the mix -working alone u cant even take time to go piss or anything - u just push urself to get the job done somehow - ET,s help when u can get them to come to fix the machines which jam often for lack of maintenance- even a good nite is not easy when mail volume is lower - because the job has to be done - and u have to help others who have problems with their machines also - its just amazing every nite that the mail get done by morning and somehow get delivered - I did my part to get the mail done right - but it had taken its toll on me - I got SC for whatever happened to me but it was in part from the mess and stress of that torture. I thank u for ur post as it confirms alot of my own experience - no one would ever think its possible to work in a dungeon like I did. -
  10. Berta sorry - my comp is old and a mess - but I want to thank u - I am gonna let u know what happens later - it may help somebody - I dont know what is up with any of these people at this time but I will later - so please jiust know I want to help with some knowledge of Chap 35 if I can . I put it to rest for now.
  11. Thanks Berta - No I have't gotten anything besides 100% - I can't explain this well I guess - only I am working with the DAV rep now and was told this about that I would recieve any retro - I just want my daughter to get what she needs to completer her degree - she is a junior at UM now - I dont know anything about Masters later - I hope u can just see that this is confusing and frustrating to me.
  12. Sorry: I meant the VA will send me the money - since I have nothing yet.
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