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  1. The reason it took so long is that they said I never returned the form switching from Navy retirement to VA compensation. After I drove the 200 miles to Houston and sat down with them in front of the computer, the form they claimed they had not received was like the 3rd item that popped up. It was in with all other evidence on a pending claim. They said" it will get processed when they process the claim". I sorta lost it, when she said nothing she could do. I yelled there are 10000 people that work in this VA bldg. Isn't there just one that can pick up this form and process it. It does not bel
  2. OK, guess I made a confusing statement on here that got me called a dumb ass.......When I said I had made a statement that I would not fight this, that was in a thread here on Hadit.com.....so unless that becomes an official statement to the VA by way of them reading this forum, I never told VA anything like that....That was for the person I was having a conversation with here on the forum....I fully intend to continue to fight this because they did not even bother to respond. I managed to get through to Peggy (a first)....I told them I would be filing a NOD asap if I did not get an answer. T
  3. I gave them an excuse??? OK, but I want my excuse back, I want a decision on that issue, one way or the other..... I know they want to just forget it and figure I should to because I got favorable ratings on everything else. But, you don't just sweep it under the rug...or I should say, You should not just sweep it under the rug, but hay they are playing by Obama rules which is there are no rules. Laws are for other people to follow so I guess I go back into fight mode....
  4. As I continue to read through my decision letter, I found another issue. I had a number of contentions approved first time in July 2013. These were all filed in Nov. 2011. The IHD contention, they made a 60% rating as of the Nov 2011 date. They opened an administrative review on July 31, 2011. They stated that it was for the years prior to Nov. 2011. They gave that time frame a 0% rating and stated the review was to determine what it should be and they need medical records. My next submission was in Sept. 2013 with half dozen contentions including IU. They took care of that and I received
  5. I too spent a lot of time in the Philippines, doing 3 tours with extensions totaling over 10 years. I then went back as a civilian and spent another 6 years working for gov't contractor. Was there when Mt. Pinatubo blew up, working right under the damn thing at Camp ODonnell, working in Crow Valley. When the military left the bases (except Subic) it was the Philippine Military who did 90% of the looting for all the major items. What was left for the rest of the locals was nothing much but some scrap metal. But the equipment that cost thousands of dollars was actually fought over between milit
  6. I know what you mean about spreading and getting worse. I have been dx'd with dmII since 97.....The P/N only started about 3 years ago, but has progressed more rapidly as time goes on. For me I think it is worse in my hands. Maybe I just think that because it effects so many things I try to do....My new nick name has been "butter finger" , "dropsy" and a few I shouldn't mention. I seem to drop most everything the first time I try to pick it up or take it from someone regardless of the weight. I just can't judge how much pressure I am putting on things. That coupled with the cramps in the thumb
  7. All the percentages I listed are taken from my rating letter I received Thursday in the BBE. Just curious because I thought each extremity only had one rating, yet in my rating, each nerve is rated with a percent based on my C & P and evidence from my PCP,
  8. I have reread the letter about 20 times now to make sure I understand it. I read through a sentence that was very important and missed a key point. They said I have been 80% since Nov.2011 and then 100% starting Oct 2013. After digging through other areas, it states I am Permanent and total disability....It appears that they used the IU to cover the 100% rating from Nov 2011 which they backdated the retro to, and the Oct 13, which is when the new claims and increases started which was what put me to 100% scheduler. Once I get back into ebenefits, (long story, blocked at present), then I will
  9. Update....got BBE yesterday....Guess I have to take back everything bad I said about Houston. Was granted everything in the end. No increase in IHD, but ended up with IU so it didn't matter. The one thing that I don't understand, is all the new percentages listed, between increases and new contentions approved, seems I meet 100% scheduler, no need for IU. But, in their letter, they said they did not give me specific percentages (or total percentage rating) because they gave me IU. Just mentioned I had 80% prior to this new rating. I know it doesn't matter as far as check is concerned, but if i
  10. Have a question about peripheral neuropathy and total rating percentage. Can you get rated for each nerve? Example...Left upper extremity (radial nerve) 30% Peripheral neuropathy, left upper extremity (median nerve) 30% Peripheral neuropathy, left upper extremity (ulnar nerve) 30% " " right " " (radial nerve) 20% " " right " " (median nerve) 20% " " right " " (ulnar nerve) 20% " " ri
  11. Wondering how many folks out there realize they are suffering from moderate to severe depression caused by effects of diabetes, IHD and all secondary issues that come with these diseases. Then, think about all the comments about refusing people with depression to own guns or get a CHL to carry weapons. Because of this, they refuse to seek help for their depression. Are VETS being targeted for gun confiscation and is the VA providing information concerning mental health to authorities? Just wondering what people think on this subject and if it is worth going to VA over depression, even tho
  12. I'll try those numbers Tuesday.....Not much reason to try anything over this holiday weekend where most Gov't offices take a 4 day weekend anyway....thanks for the numbers
  13. Back to the original point of this thread which was how people got screwed by the VA decisions. Back in 1977 I was retired due to heart problems causing angina. I was awarded 30% for the heart problems. A year later, they decided that my heart problems was not service connected because there was insufficient objective evidence of a problem. They said they sent me a letter stating this, but I never received it . Since I was getting more money from the Navy than I would have received from the VA, I did not deal with VA. Fast forward to 1993. I had a reason to go to a VA office while overseas
  14. Well, I drove to Houston (200mi one way) Monday morning. Got there at 8:30am and gave the one Doctors file I had. Still haven't received the other doctors records from them. As I posted in another thread, while in houston I requested a premium account for ebenefits so I could use the blue button to try to get some records since I have not been able too get anything any other way. I got home and later that day tried to log into ebenefits. Well when I applied for the upgrade, they told me it would take about 4 weeks and I would get it in the mail. What they didn't tell me is I would lose access
  15. I am curious, I have seen here and there on different threads comments about giving permission for the VA to get SSA records. I never requested anything from the VA to sign or send back concerning getting records from SSA. Yet, on ebenefits a few months ago it shows VA requested SSA records and within 5 days showed the VA received SSA records. Just wondering what is the real story on this? Should they have contacted me prior to getting those records? or, since it is gov't agency going to another gov't. agency, they can get anything they want from whomever they want as long as it is gov't agenc
  16. I tried to backdoor through mypay....and it told me I had either applied already or whatever....So that tells me since I applied for the premium account I can't get a new account on line.....I will just wait it out and start preparing for the appeal. Unfortunately reading all the problems people have had, I have no faith that I will get anything increased or my IU... But we will see. I actually was very happy when I got the additional 70% that I got the last time we danced together. So there is a "just maybe" floating around in the back of my head somewhere.
  17. I have been to the Houston RO 3 times in the past 4 months. Each time I have tried to get copy of C&P exams from a case closed in July. Each time I am told I have to submit the form for obtaining my entire C-file which I have done. The counselor I was talking to also said, don't count on it for at least a year. Said he himself has been waiting for over a year for his own which comes from a different RO than where he works. Just shook his head and said that's the way it is. Have been trying to get C-file since Aug. 2013. still nothing. Just like I sent for my military records and activ
  18. My suggestion on what to do would be to pay all debt off, get 100% debt free. Put 10-15 grand in an emergency only fund and don't touch it unless it is a real no other option emergency. Learn to live debt free. Pay cash for needs. Be very careful not to classify WANTS as needs. Always refrain from impulse buying for wants. Think about it for 30 days and see if it is still a want. Most of the time you will forget about it. Take a little bit, go enjoy a nice vacation and get that out of your system. When the pressure of credit payments are over your head, it can be a heavy weight. Paying
  19. While at Houston RO dropping off some stuff, I submitted for the premium ebenefits access so I could get into the blue button. They took the form I filled out with the two id's, left the room for a couple minutes, came back, handed me a copy of the form and told me it would be about 4 weeks and I would get it in the mail. I get home and want to go to ebenefits to see if the new evidence I hand carried had showed up, since they seem to be slamming everything through right now. Bingo...invalid login.....tried fishing for new password...came back I have no account. So that means, I ha
  20. On mine above, both came from the VA. One before the Audit, then one a few months later, after the audit.
  21. My claim was approved end of July 2013. Got a rather large (to me) amount end of Dec.2013 from VA. Then in April 2014 got another rather large (to me) amount again. The total amount I received was pretty close to the estimate I calculated trying to use the same method of auditing the DFAS would use. That was taking into consideration a lot of factors as I was medically retired with 13.3 years so my retired pay was adjusted downward from what I was receiving for a lot of years when they calculated CRSC into the picture.
  22. Well I looked at ebenefits a few minutes ago. I moved from gathering evidence to prep for decision. I had my C&P exams Thursday, they have them logged in on Friday. The papers they sent me for my doctor's records that they dated 03 apr, that they mailed on the 16th by postmark, and I did not get until the 21st, the closed out Friday saying non receipt. I just got the records Friday and was going to drive them up Tuesday. I will now have to drive them up tomorrow and hope that they will at least look at them. Seems they have already rushed through their decision. They are just jaming this
  23. I was rated SC for hearing loss but zero pct. They ignored the tinnitis issue that time around. So I filed again for tinnitis. That is what this C&P was for, the tinnitis. That is what suprised me. She did this short version of the hearing test, and didn't ask me one single word about ringing in my ears or anything....just what my job was in the service. A woman of few words shall we say.
  24. Well, stupid me, I just read the fast letter concerning exactly what I had ask concerning all the different increases they opened. So that part is answered. But, do they still consider all the different contentions together for TDIU, Or do they look at each separately and say something like "does this cause TDIU?" and go through each contention listed. If that is the case seems they would never look at all of them conbined to cause the IU.....or, in other words seems the only way to get the IU now is to also really be rated at 100% anyway. Seems like they have just pretty much eliminated TDIU.
  25. After receiving my 60% for IHD and total of 80% I filed for IU...It was talked about in other threads about listing the specific contention that causes the IU...I listed them all as suggested in that thread. When the claim finely started to move, the VA opened contentions for an increase in everything I listed (IHD, DMII, PN upper and lower extremities). I was scheduled a C&P that covered all of these things, but the form I received concerning the C&P's listed all the contentions, but nothing about IU. Is this the normal way they do things? My concern is that as far as I am concer
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