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  1. My suggestion on what to do would be to pay all debt off, get 100% debt free. Put 10-15 grand in an emergency only fund and don't touch it unless it is a real no other option emergency. Learn to live debt free. Pay cash for needs. Be very careful not to classify WANTS as needs. Always refrain from impulse buying for wants. Think about it for 30 days and see if it is still a want. Most of the time you will forget about it. Take a little bit, go enjoy a nice vacation and get that out of your system. When the pressure of credit payments are over your head, it can be a heavy weight. Paying
  2. Thanks to all so far for the advice. I guess my concern was more with them having info on my care. I didn't think about having my present docs keep the VA in the loop as far as info is concerned. Yea, if they mess up TFL that will make a big difference, but right now they cover everything medicare doesn't cover so it makes everything free. I get all my Meds at a militlary base Pharm, so no cost there either. I will make it a point to go to VA though and get my status changed to reflect my new percentage and get my category changed. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. I was approved for my claim back in Jul. 2013....once I got shifted from Navy retirement pay to VA compensation it took only a couple of weeks before I received a rather large (to me) retro pay check. I doubt there was any time for any type of audit between DFAS and the VA. I then applied for CRSC it was approved about a month ago and this month, I received my first check. Have not received any paperwork concerning any of this except an approval from the Navy and a note saying they forwarded it to DFAS. It says retro to 2008 for some things and Oct. 2011 for others. My question is.....seems no
  4. I have never used VA health for anything except once for getting hearing aids. I was also placed in a very low catagory since I only had a 10% rating at the time. I have since been increased to 80% due to IHD and DM2....I also have some further pending claims and one for TDIU. I am happy with my present Doctors. My outside care is also free due to having Medicare and Tricare for life so there is no financial consideration. I do not like dealing with the VA for anything that is not absolutely necessary. My question is.......should I start seeing the VA for my medical issues of IHD, DM2 and
  5. No one is ever sure how long anything takes, but if it can take months to get a dependent added, or once a claim is approved to get switched to draw va compensation v/s retirement pay, you can assume it will take months for anything to happen with your claim. The problem is first you have to get someone to read it....if it goes into a stack of "not yet started" claims, it will sit there until someone picks it up. I had one claim sit in "received" for 6 months before it moved to "review". After my major claim was approved, and waiting 5 months to get switched from retirement to va compensation,
  6. Yea, the first time I put in a claim for my Diabetes II back in 2002, I did so under AO presumptive. My trips in country were all TDY's as we maintained a detachment there. My PCS station was in the Philippines. They denied the claim staying there was nothing in my records that shows I was in country. I later was told there were NO TDY orders in my records at all, evidently they had been purged. Well years later I cam across a copy of one of TDY orders and reopended the claim with new evidence. After filing the claim, I noticed on ebenefits that the requested copy of TDY orders from my rec
  7. I have to +1 the USAA. I got tired of continued rate increases with my previous homeowners and my auto. I did a little research and by combining both with USAA I save close to $1000 a year. However I will have to say, the raised my rates this past renewal with no explaination other than "Texas requirements caused the increase. My Homeowner is a shade over $1200 on a home value of $315,000. I do have the 1000 deductable on most things. A couple of areas are only $250. My auto is not any cheaper than my previous insurance company, but that said, I had to sue my own insurance on an accident whe
  8. Thought I would give an update...suprise, surprise, surprise. The trip to Houston was on Thursday..and as I had mentioned, I had little hope that the person I talked to would even do anything with the note she had me write. Well guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday early afternoon, I get a call from the VA in Houston. They wanted to verify some info on my Dependency claim. Seems when they scanned it into the computer, they scanned the form only and not the attachment I had with it. The attachment had reference to items covered on the form which I ran out of space. So what she was looking
  9. Well, I had another experience that further demonstrates the run around the VA can give you. I had, a should be simple problem to correct. After receiving my 80% rating, I sent in the form to switch from my Navy retirement to VA compensation which is required. I sent it twice return receipt required, which I got back signed. So, I know they got it. After waiting a few months and still no VA compensation, I tried and tried to get through on peggy line, no luck. I left info for call back, did not receive one. Sent IRIS message, after 3 weeks, still no response. I tried to send followup but
  10. Don't think the above would even work. The corruption runs so deep, someone would get paid off to load the gunsed used for the shooting would be filled with blanks. Shots would be fired, the intended targets would fall down and shortly thereafter someone would pick them up and load the up to haul away to the nearest pub where they could lhave a drink and a good laugh.
  11. My error for saying DFAS, I sent stuff to the NAVY which they have confirmed receiving. However, I am still drawing my Navy retirement because the VA has not processed my switch to drawing VA compensation in lieu of my Navy retirement. The Navy said they could not even start the audit until I switched to drawing VA compensation. Then they hold the audit and forward it to the VA. I sent the proper form to va to make the switch to drawing the compensation from them which would stop the Navy retirement. Then the audit will be held by the Navy and determine how much my CRSC will be and start that
  12. I assume this means that you can't walk in to Houston VARO an request and stand there and wait for a copy??? It is a 200 mile drive, but I was thinking of making the trip, hoping to pick up a copy of the C file.
  13. Have had BBE since 1st week of Aug. 2013 granting 80%. I sent proper form to switch my retirement from Navy to VA....Have waited 2 months and decided to see why I had not heard anything. Since I know my Branch of service must hold the audit and send it back to the VA, I contacted them first on followup. They told me that they cannot do anything until I am drawing VA compensation. Soooo that means VA has not even taken care of that. Doesn't do much good to tell someone they are granted the compensation if you won't take the action to allow me to start drawing it..Guess I'll try Peggy tomorrow,
  14. Same with mine. Two claims are stuck on "received" One stating request for evidence over due.....But when I go inside, it states evidence received 8/30/13...so their own site shows they have the evidence.
  15. Yes, I filed a few weeks ago. Hope to have letters from doctors this by next week. Have appt. on Oct 3rd. Will get them sent in right after that. Then I guess it's start fishing again for a couple years.
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