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  1. no i let the deadline go past so i re started it but it did go back to to 2015 1 year of retro it was just over 7000.00
  2. i would seek a private doctor and have them fill out the DBQ for knees start it on ebenifits NOW you have on year to complete it they will retro pay you to the start date http://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-0960M-9-ARE.pdf just have your doctor to fill it out during exam then submit it
  3. send them back in using e benefits then send them in by fax and mail just to make sure i had faxed them in my self and they said in e benefits i need ed them so i re submitted them to e benefits its a pain but send them in both ways
  4. i had a similar situation they said i got a letter in july i requested that they resend the letter and they did
  5. well it depends were you sen for any of the other conditions while in service by a doc or a private doc ? " I am also diagnosed with constant shin splints, knee tendinitis, hip pain and 2 bulging discs L-4 L-5. " who diagnosed you ? if you had any paperwork on any of this while in service it should not be hard to connect them if you are going to start a clam using ebenifits go ahead and start the process NOW it gives you a year to compleet your file and they will back pay you from the start date when you start to file i just got a 7000,00 check for back pay get it started now how long have you been out? i was able to get Achilles tendinitis connected to flat feet not shure to the rest but get it started now
  6. ok final update on service connected kidney stones i was awarded the full 30%for kidney stones i did a FDC using the DBQ filledout showed i was on medication that could include pain meds and any other meds used for treatment thanks for all the help if some one needs more info let me know and i will get back and let you know
  7. "b.(2) When new and material evidence is submitted within the appeal period or prior to an appellate decision with regard to a claim for increased rating, the effective date for any increased rating is the date on which the facts establish the increase in disability occurred or the date of the original claim for increase, whichever is later." im not really sure but i think this is what i need I was denied then I got a new IMO and was awarded 20% after that IMO date and 0% from the date of the original filing of the clam the retro active pay only started from the second IMO date not the original Clam how do i word that in a NOD i read all the 38 CFR 3.157.and dont know how to spell it out in the new NOD it had a lot of legal ease and seemed confusing any help would begrateful mark i submitted an appeal for a early Effictive date back to the original filing of the clam
  8. on the fast letter they didn't even have my MOS listed USMC 2542 Communications center Operator now what how do i find out weather its hi mod or low
  9. OK this just happened to me too i was awarded a 0% rating from the original came date after being denied i appealed it was awarded 20% filed 2009 denied nod 2010 new medical opinion awarded 20% starting at 2010 said a t C&P i was in no pain i just had surgery 5 days earler and was on oxycodone i had no pain at all and said i couldn't feel much (duh looking back) filed a nod for earlyr effective start date 3 years later denied because i was not in pain at the C&P now im stuck filing another nod did you have a civilian doctor diagnose your condition before the C&P ? if so you might need to include that info with the doctors records
  10. I would go for the DBQ to start and if you can get an IMO make sure you ask for specific wording from your doctor its a good linkfor formats and what should be included
  11. I can also agree my podiatrist was awesome he had been treating me for a while he wrote a small IMO for me and the VA denied it he was personally offended with their rational on why so he spent 2 1/2 hrs on a regular appt and went page by page dot by dot connecting all the dots in my service records on my NOD I was approved without question because of the expertise of my physicians treating them well and they will do the same. Listen to what they have to say follow their advise
  12. Wow a lot to take in I was never given any council or help of any kind I was put on NPQ status while the peb board was working I never found out any thing till I received my Honorable discharge in the mail nothing no PEB findings nothing I had to request my medical file to even find out what the found out any info I was on NPQ status for over 2 years this has been years and is still friggin agervating
  13. i can scan in the docs if it nessary
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