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  1. Does anyone have a copy of a IMO/IME that they would like to share or could send to me messaging me that consists of ptsd and/or deviated septum that is linked to sleep apnea. Thanks
  2. I was curious s if a veteran received a 100% scheduler rating does he/she entitled to a student loan discharge like veterans that receive TDIU? And if so where and what regulations governs this issue? I know veterans that receive 100% scheduler rating there dependents receive Dependent Educational Assistance program but my questions is they could go to dental or law school? I looked on it but what I found so far it really doesn't clarify what you can receive. Thanks
  3. Hi I was checking to see if you have to have a 94.5 to be considered to be 100% or if you get a 93% and they will jump it up to to 100%? Thanks
  4. Good questions Penelope I was going to ask the same questions. I heard of people on here going to the Social Security office requesting that your records being sent to the VA RO but I went to two different SS office and basically look at me like I was stupid and told me only way they will release any information to the VA if they request them there selves.
  5. Hi Berta,

    1. iraqvet77


      I have the Veterans Benefit Manual and I'm working on a sworn statement to due my left knee injury and I'm using the sample argument that's on the page 110 of the VBM, the last two sentences Im trying to figure out what there trying to say and what there asking. If you could help me I would appreciate it.


  6. If the VARO receive my informal claim tomorrow or Friday and months down the road my claims go through will I get paid for the whole month of February or do they pay just a little since its end of the month? Thanks
  7. I have a diagnosis of IBS and Gerd and have a IMO stating that its due to my SC PTSD. Is it true that you can get only one rating if you file for both or both of them separately? Thanks
  8. I thinking if I should file a informal claim for Sleep Apnea, Left Shoulder, Hearing Loss, migraines to get a effective date this month or should I wait till I get my IME back from my doctor? He did a IME only and I couldn't afford to get the VA DBQ filled out by him but I do find someone that would charge me a reasonable price though. I don't know if waiting to get the DBQ filled out would be worth the wait or file informal claim? Thanks
  9. Berta, I called the NVLSP and spoke to publications and they acted like they never heard of the advocate discount. Do you know who you talk to at NVLSP? Thanks
  10. Berta, Do you have the lexis nexis automated forms cd? And if you do what is your opinion about it? If not have you heard anyone's opinion about it? Thank you
  11. Berta, How did you get it for $120? I don't see it on the lexisnexus website for 120 thanks
  12. Has anyone bought or heard anything about the LexisNexis automated benefit forms? I know Im going to buy both books bundles this week but still deciding if I should buy the bundle with the books and the cdrom that is same thing of the VBM.
  13. I been thinking about buying mine this week but might wait till the 2014 edition comes out. I heard the disc that contains the VA forms is awesome. Anyone on here have the cd and if you do please give input. Thanks
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