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  1. Squad227

    Decision Letter Sent

    I actually got my packet in the mail the same week. Decision was made on June 4, packet arrived June 6, and backpay was deposited in my account on June 9. Seems they are on the ball lately. You should have it soon.
  2. Squad227

    Decision Letter Sent

    Ok. Thanks. The appeal part was confusing me.
  3. Squad227

    Decision Letter Sent

    Under the claim where it says Decision Letter Sent, it says "Appeal possible". None of my other claims say that. Does this mean simply that I can appeal the decision?
  4. Titan, You will hear mixed reviews on eBenefits. Some have had experiences where the time line was way off. My experience was great. I put in a claim back in Sep for PTSD and tinnitus. It stayed in the "under review" phase for months. Finally in April I noticed it went to "gathering of evidence". I got my letterbthe same week for my C&P exam scheduled for May 16. At this time the estimated claim compketioj date was from mid July to early Sept. Well on May 28 my claim jumped up to "Pending decision approval". Totally bypassed two or three phases. The estimated completion date jumped up to late June to early Aug. Then suddenly yesterday, claim was completed and I was able to see my new rating when I downloaded my benefit summary letter. So you just never know. It seems lately (maybe because of political pressure) claims are moving quick. Good luck.
  5. My doc started me on trazadone in conjunction with prazosin, seems to work pretty well. Only been two weeks.
  6. In most cases C&P exams would cone in the Gathering of Evidence phase, prior to the Review of Evidence phase. Does he already have a diagnosis of PTSD documented?
  7. Had my C&P and the civilian doc didn't follow the format I usually see posted on here......hard to interpret. I'm thinking it seems to fit a 50% rating...but maybe 70%? Any advice or thoughts? He does stay depressed on a daily basis with sad mood and crying spells, the insomnia as noted, poor appetite with a 25 pound weight loss, the irritability and rage, anhedonia, lethargy and fatigue, some chronic headaches and passive thoughts about death but no active suicidal ideation. No psychotic symptoms. Section V additional symptoms to PTSD: Depressed mood, anxiety, suspiciousness, chronic sleep impairment, disturbances of motivation and mood, difficulty establishing and maintaining work and social relationships, difficulty adapting to stressful circumstances, inability to establish and maintain effective relationships, and passive thoughts about suicide without active plan. There seem to be no other symptoms related to a mental disorder that have not been listed. The effect of the PTSD and depression on his occupational and social functioning would be causing deficiencies in all of these areas in that he has been fired from one job both due to theft and it sounds like to his rage and irritability and pushing a supervisor through a wall which would definitely not be a good way to stay on a job. He has also had significant interpersonal problems in that he has had a divorce and breakup of a fairly long-term relationship all due to his irritability and his distancing of himself emotionally from these women and he has been unable to have other relationships since then other than with his daughter. Axis I: Posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic, 309.81; major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe, 296.33. Axis II: Deferred. Axis III: As noted above. Axis IV: Level IV stressors with his ongoing severe depression, anxiety, inability to interact with others and find social contacts as well not having a job or financial support. Axis V: GAF as noted above.
  8. Squad227

    New Guy Here

    My C&P notes finally showed up online. The civilian doctor didn't really follow the format that most of you all post...but I recognized a lot of the same wording. I'm guessing either a 50% or 70% rating. Hopefully it goes fast.
  9. Squad227

    C&p Exam

    Did she try looking at the VA notes on Myhealthevet?
  10. Sweet! Congrats! Hopefully they will not ever mess with it again!
  11. Squad227

    New Guy Here

    Thanks. I made it out of the VA today alive...so I'm counting this as a good day!
  12. Go to your Myhealthevet page, and once you login, hit the button that says "BlueBotton"...that will let you download all your VA records. You wantt he section that says "VA notes". The examiner from teh C&P will enter the notes immediately, but it usually takes 3-5 days for it to show up in your info. I had a C&P last Friday (May 16) and am expecting mine to be on there today or tomorrow. Once you get it, let us know what it says. Good luck!
  13. I've been reading these posts for a while now, and finally decided to join. Reading what you all have been writing has given me many answers and signs of relief over the past few months. I started getting MH treatment at my VA back in September. Unforunately it took me hitting rock bottom, and completely destroying everything good I had going on in my life before I was finally able to realize that I needed help. At that time I put in a claim for PTSD. So, I had my C&P last Friday (May 16) and, as many of you, was freaked out for the two weeks prior. I couldn't understand why the VA was bringing in a civilian doctor for my exam, but I figured it was because I was an active patient and I was already being treated by a LCSW, Psychiatrist, and psychologist. (Anyone know any other reason for this? He actually came to the VA and did my exam.) My records have been well documented since September. My troubles started way back around 2003. Since coming to the VA, I have completed WRAP, and CPT, and am part of a OIF/OEF/OND peer support group. I am hoping the doctor's notes from my C&P will post to myhealthevet sometime this week so I can get a heads up on what he wrote. Currently, the VA has my "problem list" as PTSD, MDD, bereavement, anxiety and sleep issues. I have had the actual PTSD diagnosis since January, so hopefully all of these previous notes will help. I, like many of you, will welcome any compensation they give me, but would gladly give it all up to feel like I did 20 years ago...happy, fun, and not poppin pills 24/7. I feel like the exam went well. I was watching for the "how are you today" question, and I simply answered "rough", which was the truth. I cried through a large part of it, but I never felt that he was trying to play games. I'm kinda anticipating a 30% rating for PTSD. I am at 40% currently, for migraines, burns, scarring, and nerve damage. I'm ready to see what the report says. And according to ebenfits, the claim completion date estimate is mid-July. We shall see.

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