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  1. raymondb50

    Won Claim

    Submitted claim for PTSD Nov 13. This past Thursday my DAV rep called me and notified me I won and rated 70% for ptsd 80% combined. He also stated retro date back to 2009 and to expect a nice chunk of change. Checked my ab8 letter and it states effective date 1Jan14. Wondering if he got me mixed up with one if his other Vets. I guess I'll wAit for the Envelope! What do you guys think? It was also a bitter sweet call. He stated the VA wants me to come back in and file for diabetes and high BP. I had no idea I had diabetes! Now it makes sense why I'm always extremely tired and shake on a daily basis. I remember seeing my personnel provider at the VA and had a full work up last year. I guess she didn't think it was important to notify me of the results. I will be going to her office first thing in the a.m! Gotta love that VA healthcare : / Thanks everyone for your help! God bless
  2. raymondb50

    Oth Vet And Va

    I'm doing ok Mike thanks for asking, how bout you. My claim jumped back to pending decision approval last week but a few days ago went to preparation for notification again. Hopefully it's over soon. How are you doing, now that you won your claim?
  3. raymondb50

    Oth Vet And Va

    Mike did you get your back pay yet?
  4. raymondb50

    C&p Exam / Rating Questions

    Pick a number? Wow Ashley...really?
  5. raymondb50


    Went from "preparation for decision" to "pending decision approval" in one week. How long does it last in this stage? Does it mean they approved my claim?
  6. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    Went from preparation for decision to pending decision approval in one week. How long does it take in this stage? Does it mean they approved my claim?
  7. raymondb50

    Decision Notification Sent

    Do RO's work long hours or is it a 9-5 job? I heard they were working mandatory overtime plus working Saturdays...
  8. raymondb50

    Decision Notification Sent

    Thanks NavyWife...your awesome! Your knowledge is greatly appreciated
  9. raymondb50

    Decision Notification Sent

    Once a decision is made how fast do you usually receive payment?
  10. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    Definitely a good sign
  11. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    Hey Mike mine just jumped to Preparation for desicion
  12. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    Same here...glad the C&P is over with. Mine was pretty tough. I've heard of fellow vets exams lasting only minutes. Mine was 1.5 hours. Well now it's up to the VA. Hope you win Mike. Let me know when your status changes. Mine is still at the gathering evidence phase.
  13. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    Was yours at the VA or a civilian? Mine was a civilian. Do you know if they mail the exam in or upload it in the system?
  14. raymondb50

    C And P For Ptsd/mst

    When was your CnP mike?
  15. Had my CnP last week. My doc was a retired AF psy doc. 77 year old and he asked a lot of questions and pretty much grilled me! It lasted about 90min. He was very blunt but at the end of the exam told me that if they deny me it won't be because of him. He stated the VA is going to have a hard time with the evidence which there is none, but that he would do up a detailed letter along with my CNP exam and help me out. Praying it won't get denied...

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