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  1. My appeal has finally made it back to a VLJ after almost a 2 year wait for a remand. How long until I receive a decision back? Also, I requested an in-person hearing and have not received any notice to appear. When does the hearing suppose to take place during the appeal process? Can a appeal be decided in your favor without one? Thanks for any help provided.
  2. What is the Governments exuse for the appeals backlog and waiting times for decisions? What do YOU really think is behind it?
  3. Does anyone know how many BVA decisions are made per month or a year?
  4. Try using the chat option on Eben. They might know.
  5. In my sc award letter that I got during the appeal process, It stated that I initially sought treatment 3/11. I filed my claim 4/10. Guess what retro date they gave me? Effective date nod is a year old and still at RO. The whole thing is a numbers game. Incompetence or being done purposefully?
  6. All or most vets need to protest at their local regional offices and make some noise. We need to be seen as a force against our down right unfair and illegal treatment.
  7. All the delays and denials do benefit them. That's why the appeals process is like ten years of waiting. They want us to get mad, angry, give up and die. The waiting game definitely helps them and hurt us.
  8. People are not doings these illicit things on their own. It's a governmental system that is run like a for profit business and we are getting the worse of both worlds. It's too easy for them to munipulate and adjust their numbers to benefit themselves for bonuses etc. Waiting times are ridiculous. They don't want to fix whats been working for them all this time. I'm not asking for perfection. I wonder if government politicians were treated like military veterans, how long would that last?
  9. An excerpt of sc award letter: VAMC treatment records show you sought initial treatment 3/11, and that you underwent a mental health screening with reported trauma exposure when serving in Iraq. Although you met some criteria consistent with PTSD (i.E PTSD screening was positive),the examiner said your symptomatology is more indicative of major depressive disorder. Review of subsequent mental health documents showed continued treatment for anxiety and depressive disorder. In support of your claim, you underwent a VA examination 4/11. Upon completion of the evaluation, the examiner concluded that PTSD was not found. In support of your appeal, we requested and you underwent a second VA examination. Per VA examination concluded on 6/14, a diagnosis for PTSD is confirmed. You were last seen 3/14 for med management. He goes on to state you have described symptoms consistent with PTSD throughout VA treatment records despite the primary diagnosis being depressive disorder. I initially sought treatment when I originally filed my claim 4/10. I didn't receive evaluation and treatment until a year after filing initial claim.
  10. My appealed sc award letter stated that the examiner miss dx me. I've always heard an emphasis on getting retroed from your initial file date. Misinformation, I guess.
  11. Hello again everyone. I filed nod for my sc effective date being wrong. I filed initial claim 4/10 and received a sc effective date of 3/11. My initial claim was denied (under dx c&p) and was granted sc during the appeal process. The effective date given was my dx date and not my initial file date. So, which is the correct effective date?
  12. To marine0816: Do a web searche to find the link. It shows only limited appeal info though.
  13. This is just FYI. If you need to check your Appeal status via E-Benefits and cannot, you can use the mobile app to check for updates. It's https:// m.ebenefits.va.gov / ebenefits-portal / portletHtml / Mobile / index. html. This link doesn't work. Do a internet search for the ebenifits mobile app. The Appeal status works on the mobile version.
  14. Are these conditions connected to eachother? Does PTSD lead to SA and migraines? Anybody have these conditions secondary to their PTSD? Thanks for any input.
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