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  1. I have service connected for bilateral knee replacement surgery. I would like to file a claim based on secondary condition from that. I wonder if I could make a claim for the following: I have had my right hip replaced and will probably have to have the left done as well, have severe arthritis in both feet and ankles, had spinal stenosis surgery but that has not helped with the pain, can not get down on hands and knees - to painful on the knees, restless leg syndrome in both legs which I take medication for and because I am having a very hard time walking, standing just anything due to the pain in my legs all the time. And I developed lymphoma.
  2. I received a disability retirement from federal government(FERS)based on my knees. I had to apply for Social Security disability because I was a under FERS retirement. I receive service connected compensation for my knees from VA. Since I received disability retirement from federal gevernment and social security will the VA grant me a 100% disabiiity for my service connection?
  3. Thank you for all that replied. The TDIU was denied 13 August 2009. Can I still appeal it?
  4. I was given a service connected combined rating of 80%. 20% for left knee limitation of extension, 50 % for right knee limitation of extension, 10% traumatic arthritis, right knee, 10% traumatic arthritis, left knee and 10% sinusitis. I had bi-lateral knee replacements in October 2009. I applied for and received Temporary evaluation of 100% for 13 months. Then the VA states I will be assigned 30% for left knee and 50% for right knee which equals 80%. They did not mention the Sinusitis. I have "new" knees but I still have swelling in the lower legs which becomes painful. I have mentioned this to my doctor and he stated it is due to the replacement surgury. I also have lower back arthritis and arthritis in both feet. My doctor stated it is probably due to how I was walking prior to the knee replacements. I still have difficulty getting up from a seated postion, bending, standing,etc. due to the arthritis pain in my back and feet. I applied for TDIU and was denied. They stated "Total disability will be considered to exist when there is present any impairment of mind or body which is sufficient to render it impossible for the average person to follow a substantially gainful occupation; provided, that permanent total disability shall be taken to exist when the impairment is reasonably certain to continue throughout the life of the disabled person. Since you plan on having total knee replacements your service connected knee conditions are not considered permanent in nature and may improve." I was granted a disability retirement from the federal government and social security disability. I also have Narcolepsy - diagnosed in 1995, Hasimotto's thyroid disease initial found when I was in Navy reserves on a weekend that I was playing weekend warrior and diagnosed in 1985 by civilian doctor and Celiac Disease 2007. These are not related to my military service per VA. They are all considered an autoimmune disease. I was active duty Air Force from Mar 1977 to June 1983. Then I joined Navy reserves April 1985 to 1990. So my questions are: 1. Should I try for TDIU again? 2. Can I submit a secondary claim for the arthitis in back and feet?
  5. My knees are 80% SC and I recently had bilateral knee replacement surgery done by a civilian doctor of my choice. I sent in my information to the VA and requested the temporary rating of 100% for 13 months due to the surgery. I had to sign a release of information for copies of the hospital stay, doctors notes and physical therapy. But I got the temporary increase with no questions. I DID NOT inform the VA I was using a civilian doctor.
  6. I retired under FERS with a disability retirement in 2007
  7. I just learned about TDIU. I want to know if I can apply for TDIU? I receive a federal disability retirement due to my knees,Social Security disability due to the knees, and VA compensation for the knees which are rated 20% service connected for each knee. If I am able to apply what forms do I need, items of proof,etc. Does a doctor need to sign anything? Would it be backdated to the date of my retirement?
  8. Women have been dealing with sexual harrassment/violence for a longggg time. I was active duty AF and had a MSGT approach me and when I refused he literly put my desk, chair, etc. OUTSIDE. I went to the commander, a big, red headed Irish Man, and he was furious. He immediately went back to the area with me and I don't know what the said to the Msgt but I was transferred to a different section right then. When I asked if I could file charges against him I was told I could but I probably would not win because of his rank and time in service. Another time during a Team Spirit exercise in Korea a Captain literally came up to me and told me what time I should be at his tent for "my turn". Again, I reported him and NOTHING HAPPENED. My 2nd husband beat me and I got orders overseas and requested he not come - he was active duty also and signed waiver saying he agreed not to go and yet he was on the same plane as I when I went. He continuely harrassed me and I reported him to his commander and nothing happened. The commander would actually call me everyday for about 2 months to make sure I was ok. Before going overseas he had hit me so hard he broke my eardrum. He then took me to the emergency room and when the doctor asked what happened he told him he hit me and explained how. Again nothing. When I was getting out I had a civilian supervisor approach me about sex. When I reported him and they came to talk to me, right before they arrive he sent me to another building and stated he didn't know where I was. As they were leaving a friend of mine told them where I was so they came an got me. He threatened to have me discharged dishonorably. But that didn't happen. And there were more
  9. When I got out of the Air Force in 1983 the dental work the AF was doing was not completed. I was told I could go to the VA to have the dental work completed. I did go to the VA in Newington, CT and they did dental work both at the VA Hospital, Dental Clinic and also sent me to private practice dentists. My husband re-entered the military and was stationed at Clovis, NM. The VA transferred the "Dental Information" to Albuquerque,NM but the dental work was done by a dentist in Clovis, NM. (This dentist has long retired and no longer has this dental practice) I had extensive work and now need to have more. I have tried to find the records of this dental work with no luck. I have contacted the VA in Newington, CT, Albuquerque, NM, Washington, DC, nothing. I was told the work performed by non-VA dentist was probably called "FEE BASIS" and have tried to find those records. Nothing. Does anyone know where "VA Fee Basis" records are keep? Any suggestions on what I can do? I have been trying to find these records for 5 years.
  10. Please clarify for me. I was granted a disability retirement from federal government plus receive social security for knees. I receive compensation from VA for service compensation. So if I submit the documents stating my disability retirement/ss disability to the VA they will increase the money I receive from them?
  11. I am sc for arthritis in the knees. I now have arthritis in my back, and both feet. I was wondering if I could submit a claim to increase my benefit. Another question, when I was discharged from military in 1983 I was receiving dental treatment which was then continued by the VA. I received 3 more years of dental treatment from the VA through the "fee based" area. I am trying to get a copy of the dental records and have not had any luck. I started with the VA that begain the treatment (CT) and with the last one (NM)and no one can find any records. The last dentist I was treated at has retired and closed his business. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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